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Published by Piper About this Item: Piper, More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by Frieling About this Item: Frieling, Wie soll der Mensch, das kleine Zahnrad im Getriebe, sein Schicksal eigenverantwortlich in die Hand nehmen, wenn er in der Masse hin- und hergeschoben wird? More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Insel Frankfurt About this Item: Insel Frankfurt, Published by Fischer About this Item: Fischer, Published by Insel About this Item: Insel, Published by Berlin Germany: Aufbau About this Item: Berlin Germany: Aufbau, Wie nun weiter?

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Soll das schon alles sein? Published by Ditzingen Germany: Reclam About this Item: Ditzingen Germany: Reclam, Giovanni Verga, auf Sizilien geboren und dort gestorben, gilt als bedeutendster Vertreter des Verismus in Italien. Gutes, dem Alter entsprechendes Exemplar. Gibt es in der Wohnung einen Tisch?

Sprüche zum Nachdenken

Mit ethnographischer Genauigkeit beleuchtet sie Momente in den Lebenslinien ihrer Figuren und taucht in den brodelnden Schmelztiegel einer Millionenmetropole ein. Der Leser ist gefesselt, und den Charakteren wird Leben eingehaucht. Wie neu. Published by Emil Vollmer.

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About this Item: Emil Vollmer. Matthias Claudius wurde am August in Reinfeld Holstein geboren und starb am Januar in Hamburg.

Auf Herders Empfehlung hin wurde er Oberlandeskommissar in Darmstadt, ab lebte er als freier Schriftsteller in Wandsbek. Published by Rowohlt About this Item: Rowohlt, Aerial Script. The bats, reflecting on their sounds, inaudible, thus eavesdropping on a silence, which is none; they drag the gaze through the twilight sky, the zigzag of their flutter flight, satin-fur nearly birds that see with their ears: listen to images.

Appendix: Examples

A little later they diminish, vanish behind the black blinds of night, satiated by the blind spots of the echo and I think how little I sound out with trite words. The city simplified to lines, makeup removed from your face. Houses, footsteps and thoughts are made of the same material, graphite dust and diamonds. Time stalls, lowers your lids, to be now for once, in the midst of a sleeping world, clear-sighted turned toward the groping questions of the somnambulists.

Die Zeit steht, senkt deine Lider, um einmal jetzt zu sein, inmitten der schlafenden Welt, hellsichtig zugewandt den tappenden Fragen der Somnambulen.

Self-Portrait with a Swarm of Bees by Jan Wagner

Sleep in a bed of fire , leave the body through its porous dress, say your goodbyes with the smoke. We seek cooling, rising into the blue we lose luster.


A good thing, we are anchored in dreams that exchange us just in time for absence. Here the stones rest on the slope before they crumble into sand, and the sky above raises new colors with each new hour.

This knowledge and ignorance, of which we sometimes speak, appear to us like seasons with goose bumps in July rain and warm days in winter. With glasses on your face, you quickly forget that the watercolor strokes on the hill across were vanishing just a moment ago in the moist sky. Now the trees are instantly returning to their growth.

A fox with spotted fur rummages.

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I think to myself that the fox must surely know everything it needs to know and can know. It turns away and sneaks off, disappears in no hurry into the nearby woods. How not to speak of oneself? But also: how to do it without allowing oneself to be invented by the other?