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Even if you are not a golf swing expert, it is easy to see that Ernie Els uses great rhythm to hit his shots.

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That rhythm has been a big part of his success, and copying his beautiful tempo can lead you to improved performance on the course as well. Understanding the Big Muscle Swing. If you want to use Ernie Els as a guide to improve your swing, you need to have a clear understanding of what he is doing to move the club through the ball so effortlessly.

While his swing may look easy, it has actually taken years and years of hard work to perfect. There are no shortcuts in golf, and you can be sure that Ernie Els has worked very hard throughout his career to master the impressive swing that he has built. With that in mind, you should not reasonably expect to take one trip to the driving range and suddenly start swinging the club like Ernie Els.


Any progress you make will be gradual, and you will have to stick with the process until you start to see positive results. There are three elements of a big muscle golf swing that you need to understand. By putting these elements into place in your own swing, you can gradually begin to improve the quality of your ball striking. You will notice that all of the points above have to do with big muscle groups in your body.

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Between your shoulders and chest controlling the takeaway and your lower body controlling the downswing, you will be relying on the biggest muscles in your body to do the bulk of the work — which is exactly how it should be. A big part of the swing technique that Ernie Els uses comes back to his personality.

His swing matches nicely with his demeanor, which is why he has been able to repeat the swing so consistently throughout his career. Ernie is a laid back person by nature, so using a laid back golf swing only makes sense. To that point, you need to think about your own personality and make sure you are creating a golf swing that matches with your own temperament. You can't change your underlying personality, so use that as a starting point and then craft your golf swing to match.

Does that mean that if you have an aggressive personality you can't use Ernie Els as a guide for your swing? No, not at all. However, you need to tailor your swing to match with your attitude on the course while also including some of the great fundamentals that Ernie uses in his game.

It is certainly possible to make a swing that is guided by your big muscles while using a quicker tempo than Ernie. The importance of using your torso in the backswing and your legs in the downswing doesn't change regardless of what kind of tempo you employ.

BBC - Rob Hodgetts: Els route to Open win has been anything but 'Easy'

It is important to make a distinction between a fast tempo and a bad tempo. There are plenty of players, even players on the PGA Tour, who use a fast tempo to great effect. A good tempo simply needs to be consistent and repeatable, regardless of whether it is slow or fast. Nick Price is a great example of a high quality player who used a fast tempo in his swing. His swing didn't have the same effortless appearance as Ernie Els, but it had great rhythm and was obviously very successful. If Nike Price tried to use the same tempo as Ernie Els, he likely would have had very little success.

In the same way, if Els tried to swing with Price's quick pace, he would not have had the same kind of legendary career.

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Both of those players were successful because they matched their swing to the personality that they took with them to the course each day. Getting back to your game, it is crucial that you are honest with yourself on this point.

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  5. If you aren't sure what kind of personality you have on the golf course, ask your playing partners for their opinion. Do they see you as someone who is laid back and relaxed, or someone who is always ready to get on to the next shot? They will be able to offer you an objective opinion on the temperament that you have on the golf course, and you can use that information to properly construct your golf swing.

    You can only be yourself both on and off the golf course. Trying to be something you're not is a recipe for disaster. Even if you love the swing of Ernie Els, it would be a mistake to try copying his swing exactly if you don't have the right personality for using such a slow and smooth tempo. You need your tempo to hold up even under pressure on the golf course, and it will never come naturally to you if you are trying to emulate someone else.

    If you happen to have a similar personality to Ernie Els, then by all means go ahead and replicate his rhythm in your own game. Otherwise, stick to what is comfortable, even if it doesn't have the effortless look that Ernie is able to present.

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    Well done to Ernie for capturing his 4th Major. It was great to see him playing so confidently again. Feel for Adam Scott for coming so close again but he'll be back for another bite of the Major apple. Complain about this comment Comment number 4. It's a cruel game but 5 over in the final round is asking for trouble. Adam Scott, like Garcia, is one of those sublimely gifted Golfers who you imagine will win a host of Majors but for some reason they struggle. Scott's three rounds were majestic but as they say Majors are often won or lost on the back 9 on the final day - ask Rhory.

    I really hope that Adam bounces back. He seems a pretty relaxed individual and believe he will. But congratulations to Els. Another great player with a good attitude and he managed his game extremely well. Shame that GMac couldn't close the gap but he's shown real class in the last two Majors. The Woods camp is divided. Over 4 years since a win. He doesn't make those "must" puts like he used to and seems reluctant to use his Driver.

    But he finished near the top of the Leader Board so if he can address these issues he'll be a real threat. Shame that Rhory's form has dipped, let's hope that he can find it again and perform better in the US PGA it's hard to believe it's the last Major of the year already. Complain about this comment Comment number 5. Well done Big Easy. This Open was simmering and finally exploded into life. I shall never be convinced that Long Handled 'extended drop' putters are conforming clubs and wait with bated breath for an Authority to rule to this effect.

    Probably never happen but you can dream. Complain about this comment Comment number 6.


    Straight off the bat, well done to Ernie, he was written off earlier in the year without great thought in my opinion, Scott will bounce back but he needs to learn how to get rid of the bad round from his game if he is to win a major, G-Mac needs to look at his Sunday play when in contention which has been poor since his US Open win, with the exception of his win at the Chevron in , Even his vaunted 2nd at Olympic belied the fact he played like a fool on his front nine. Complain about this comment Comment number 7. Well done to Ernie. It was a pity that Scott folded up the way he did.

    It was a dramatic collapse. And Steve Williams? He must be sad that his charge lot in that way but happy that it was someone either than TW who stole the victory. Imagine where he SW would have wanted to shove the trophy had they won!!! Complain about this comment Comment number 8.

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    Don't mind the belly putter so much, but the BH it verges on cheating. And it's so ineffably ugly. Couple of very poor shot selections from his man over the closing holes and also a loss of nerve on the greens. Lesson here is that the importance of the caddie rather like that of the Ryder Cup captain is much overstated. Complain about this comment Comment number 9. It's the putting that wins it, and these types of clubs give advantage to those struggling with standard putters although you can argue that all players have the opportunity to use them.

    Aside from that fact, pleased that Ernie won, but you've got to feel for Scott. Not sure he can come back from that.