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Eventually the storm subsides. The third movement will be recognizable to those who grew up watching Disney films.

Roy Clark - Allegro Vivace - William Tell Overture (Theme From The Lone Ranger)

It duets with a flute. This movement has been used in lots of animated movies to represent day break and innocence. This movement involves the entire orchestra, opened by the heralding trumpets. It tells of the success of the Swiss soldiers who liberated their country from Austrian repression.

Giordano Bellincampi Photo: Benjamin Ealovega. He wrote 39 in total including The Barber of Serville. He was 18 when he penned his first opera. He also wrote sacred music, chamber music and piano pieces.

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His compositions still have an effect on the way music is written now. He would use a repeated phrase and layer it with the orchestra building up excitement. Prelude, Dawn: The Prelude is a slow passage in E major, scored for five solo cellos accompanied by double basses. It begins in E minor with a solo cello which is in turn 'answered' by the remaining cellos and the double basses. An impending storm is hinted at by two very quiet timpani rolls resembling distant thunder.

The Composer

The section ends with a very high sustained note played by the first cello. Storm: This dynamic section in E minor is played by the full orchestra.

It begins with the violins and violas. Their phrases are punctuated by short wind instrument interventions of three notes each, first by the piccolo, flute and oboes, then by the clarinets and bassoons. The storm breaks out in full with the entrance of the French horns, trumpets, trombones, and bass drum.

The volume and number of instruments gradually decreases as the storm subsides. Reset Password Now.

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