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This is as hard as hard sci-fi gets -- the first book in the trilogy, The Three-Body Problem , takes its name from a concept in orbital mechanics -- but the scientific here is weighed equally with the political, the cultural, and the personal. Binti is a young woman who leaves her home on Earth to pursue her studies at an off-world university. Complete with steampunk details and utterly beautiful prose, Novik presents a cosmopolitan worldview where colonialism took a different path -- indigenous societies all over the globe are alive and thriving, and species identity and autonomy are treated differently by society.

This is the kind of story that will haunt the way you think for months after you finish it. The trick, though, is that the sense of wonder you felt the first time you read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is still there. There is, of course, another TV adaptation in the works. Le Guin, but nothing about the Imperial Radch trilogy is derivative.

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Including: The Color of Magic , The Light Fantastic , Equal Rites In terms of longevity and popularity, Sir Terry has always been the guy to beat -- there are 41 published Discworld novels, and the series has sold 80 million copies worldwide. Pratchett had a near-supernatural ability to balance satire and storytelling -- the Discworld novels skewer the conventions of epic fantasy and are still laugh-out-loud funny a quarter century later, to be sure, but they never lose sight of what makes a compelling and empathetic narrative.

This is a universe populated with exquisitely-drawn characters who experience some of the most honestly rendered emotional arcs in all of SFF. Emily Hughes is a contributor to Thrillist. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Danna Windsor.

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Fork Yeah. Share on Facebook Pin it. The Broken Earth Trilogy by N. The first few takes and my father would come out just eyes and teeth in the background. The president's been to Europe, insulting our allies and rubbing his nipples up against our enemies. You're not supposed to do any of those things. Helsinki has frozen over. The president of the United States today publicly sided with Russia over our own FBI on the subject of cyberattacks on our election campaign. Yeah, we all were.

Reportedly, Trump wanted to meet with Putin alone because he didn't want his advisers to see him naked, which is natural. And we probably should have known how this was going to go, based on this, because right off the bat [shows clip] you can see here Trump looks over at Putin as they sit down in front of the media and gives him a little wink.

Yeah, there you go — 'Thanks for keeping that tape between us guys. This is what our commander-in-chief chose to do. That way, if we're photographed, we are easy to identify.

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I played a wall once. They're relentless.

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Rice is great when you're hungry and you want 2, of something. Although it does involve a lot of Angry Birds. Bad example. They always give you that look like, 'Oh, I didn't know I was better than you. Because it's going straight to your ass. I think your ass owes your tooth an explanation.

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Then we throw it out the next day. Maybe give it to the dog.

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One time I did a real good set and these motherfuckers called me into the back room. Never been that terrified in my life.

At first, it's so much fun. You're like, 'Am I the hottest piece of ass in the world? He would fuck a mailbox. Of course we want to come! What girl is like, 'Oh no, it's cool. I'm just honoured to be witnessing your process?

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