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Share inspiring reflections on hunting, fishing, camping … the good life, the things that matter … outdoors. Last weekend was a cold and stormy one in the North Country. Time to experiment with comfort food that could easily be converted to camp cooking when the weather changes to make it even close to tolerable to get outside to the fire pit.

Yep —piece of cake.

The Sporting Chef's Better Venison Cookbook by Scott Leysath (2012, Paperback)

So I pulled some venison stew meat out of the freezer and set it to thawing, then made sure I had all the other ingredients including the stout. Everything else in the recipe is basic to every larder, so no problems there either. Though it takes some time for this to cook long enough for the meat to get fork tender and the flavors to meld, the results are terrific! The stew was delicious and the meat tender the first night, and the leftovers were even better reheated the second night.

Since it was just the two of us, I halved the recipe and there was no problem cooking it in the smaller portion either.

Wired To Hunt Podcast #132: Scott Leysath’s Advice for Better Venison

My better half is in no way a beer drinker and even more definitely not a stout drinker, but she loved this stew. These recipes do venison the right way and with great variety! As the beer reduces, it infuses the meat and broth with it hoppy, bittersweet flavor. Thi can be prepared in the oven or in a Dutch oven on the stovetop or campfire. Afield can be considered a wild game and fish cookbook but it is also considerably more than that.

The information provided covers a range of areas, including an introduction to hunting techniques, butchery approaches and ways to prepare meat. This makes the book good for beginners, although even experts would learn a few things.

Beyond those areas, there are 85 different recipes provided. On a side note though, there is regional variation in what game is available and some of the recipes are for game predominant in the south of the United States. Nevertheless, there are other recipes that apply to more widely available game. Plus, the recipes that are present can easily be adapted to cater for what is available in your area.

As the title suggests, this cookbook is a comprehensive look at cooking wild game. In particular, there are different recipes provided, along with information about preparation techniques. The recipes themselves are broken down into chapters, which are mostly focused on the type of game. There are also separate sections for desserts and sauces, as these complement the meat. Now, it is worth mentioning that this book mostly serves as an introduction.

The Sporting Chef's Better Venison Cookbook : Scott Leysath :

In this capacity, it is a great way to learn more about cooking wild game, along with best approaches for doing so. This cookbook is not as comprehensive as the previous entry but it more than makes up for that in style. For one thing, the cookbook is image-heavy, and there are many photographs that show you how to prepare various pieces of meat and what the final recipes look like.

At the same time, the author of this cookbook is accomplished in this field.

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The main limitation with this book is that there are only recipes. But, those recipes are all high quality and extremely well-written. As a result, the cookbook makes for an amazing resource, especially for people who are still learning how to cook wild game. As is obvious from the title, this cookbook is just about venison and there is a wide range of recipes provided. The sheer number of options is great for variation and it means that you end up with many different options for your dinner table.

Nevertheless, this is also a fairly simple cookbook. This means that the book is best suited to cases where you are looking for inspiration.

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Like the previous entry, this cookbook is focused on venison. However, the overall emphasis is entirely different. This can be seen by how the book is organized much more effectively and how the recipes themselves are of higher quality. One key advantage is that the recipes work on bringing out the unique flavor of venison, rather than simply burying it within other tastes. This approach is something that many other cookbooks lack and is bound to please anybody who eats venison regularly.

go here However, in this case, the book is primarily a resource guide rather than a cookbook. As such, there is considerable information about hunting and gathering, with relatively few recipes on offer. Place warmed meat in tortillas and top with your favorite toppings. Make sure that you remove any fat, gristle, silver skin, etc. This jerky is not brined or cured so it should be either refrigerated or frozen, if you plan on keeping it around for over 1 week.

Combine marinade ingredients in a large bowl. Add meat and toss to coat evenly.

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Cover and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours. Place meat strips on a cookie rack over a sheet pan and place pan in a degree oven or dehydrator. Meat should be dried in 4 to 5 hours. You can be among the first to get the latest info on where to go, what to use and how to use it!