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Imagine four little girls — Jane and Maggy Cummins, Jenny and Patricia Stuart, two pairs of sisters, each pair of approximately the same age — who are deeply bonded to one another, all the more so because their smart, glamorous mothers and fathers are the closest of friends. In fact, the Americans Paul and Helen Stuart and the Australians Edward and Rosemary Cummins both men are foreign service officers become so inseparable that within a few months they trade partners.

The same sense of disloyalty haunts her because she feels closer to the swaggering Paul — as devoted a stepparent as one could hope for — than to her father, who is posted to Asia and the Middle East during the years when Paul moves his new family to Washington, Los Angeles and South America, and whom she will not see or even speak to for seven years of her childhood. A charming high-school dropout with a history of drug addiction, the mercurial Jenny disappears for months at a time, ultimately with tragic results.

She also becomes a success in the wider world as the author of three novels. Samuel Wagan Watson.

The Sisters Antipodes

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