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Proper attire must be worn at all times.

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Smoking is not allowed in the facility. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the facility. Equipment may not be removed from the facility. No clothes, towels or personal articles are to be left in the facility.

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All equipment and facilities must be used in accordance with the instructions posted in the fitness center; Landlord does not provide supervision in the use of the equipment. If you are not acquainted with proper usage, do not use the equipment until you understand its proper operation. Do not use more weights than you can comfortably and safely use. Please report any malfunctioning equipment to the management office at Keep the area clean and neat at all times. Do not leave any equipment or personal articles in traffic areas where people could be injured.

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Students may enroll in the class up to the fourth week of the semester. Cross training fitness programs are designed to help the student balance his or her fitness program by varying the workout routines engaging different muscle groups. Cross training improves overall fitness and helps prevent overuse injuries that are common in single activity programs. Emphasis is placed on the use of multiple aerobic activities walking, running, biking, elliptical plus muscular strength and functional fitness exercises.

Students may enroll in the course up to the eighth week of the semester. Please see the schedule of classes or the college catalog for course descriptions. The credit division of Sacramento City College is open to all people who are interested in taking advantage of the college curriculum and earning college credit.

Staff and community members are strongly encouraged to participate in the Life Fitness center but must be registered in a Fitness Center class to utilize the facility. Students receive academic credit for the successful completion of any course offered by the division.

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The goal of the LFC is to teach students basic fitness concepts and skills related to the improvement of health and wellness through entry level courses. After the successful completion of a basic or entry level course, students are encouraged to take other courses in the Life Fitness Program to develop additional fitness skills to meet the individual student needs. Self-paced means you work through the course curriculum at your own pace during the open lab hours of the LFC. While the class is self-paced, there are minimum attendance requirements in order to maintain your course enrollment.

Self-paced does not mean that you can enroll fro the class and then leave all your work for the end of the semester. Once you enroll, you must begin to work on the course curriculum. Like any physical education activity class, consistent attendance is required. If you are in a one unit class you should plan on spending hours per week engaged in course activity. Yes, students are dropped for non-attendance.

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If you do not complete the required class attendance hours, you will be dropped from the course. Also, students who do not comply with the facility rules can be suspended or dropped from the course.

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The Life Fitness Program is a fitness education program consisting of a variety of courses designed to improve your knowledge of physical fitness. It is our hope that you will be exposed to and learn, not only how to exercise properly, but why exercise is so important to the quality and longevity of your life.

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The Life Fitness Program requires you to complete an orientation to the program, so that you can be aware of three things:. The orientation allows students to understand what is expected of them as participants in the program. No, there are mandatory forms located in the textbook i. Par-Q, Waiver, etc. Each student is required to submit these forms, so you will need your own book. Students must have the Life Fitness Center Manual when completing the orientation.

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