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Everything is there in the camera. All you need to supply is your imagination! This is great for inventive kids too young to have their own phone but want to create Vine-style videos.

Magical Six Camera for Kids

Catalog Toys. Magical Six Camera for Kids Mini film creative toy for children. Click to enlarge. Other products in this category. Other Products You Might Like.

Kids Mini Digital Camera Toy

Sega Toys Disney Magical Pad. A good first camera for your kids.

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If the camera is dormant for 5 minutes, it will automatically turn off. If the camera is freezing or needed to reset, you can use the reset pin to press reset hole for about 3 seconds.

I bought this cam for my son's best friend birthday gift. Hope the little girl will like it. Quality of pictures and videos is reasonably good for kids camera which doesn't cost as mach as smartphone or photo, video cameras.

Today’s memory cards are cheaper and hold more data, but compatibility can be a problem

Great present for kids, recommend. Picture Quality is brilliant and solid built so perfect for the little ones to literally throw around and it will be fine. Camera seems durable!! It comes with a charging cord, no plug though, and no batteries. I think I will buy the kids camera.

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Mirrorless cameras are interchangeable-lens cameras, so they require not only the obligation to care for a second piece of gear, but the willingness to embrace photography on a more advanced level. However, most mirrorless cameras, and certainly the ones I will recommend below, have fully automatic features, including autofocus and built-in flash.

The option to control camera settings is there, but your child can also choose to shoot a mirrorless camera just like a point-and-shoot. Although mirrorless cameras are generally considered a more compact option, compared to DSLRs, they are going to be larger than the point-and-shoots mentioned above. Some mirrorless cameras are designed for professional and advanced shooters, but a few manufacturers have created cameras that should fit well into a budget built on allowances or birthday money.

These cameras are sold in a convenient two-lens kit. In the film era, affordable 35mm cameras from Pentax and Olympus were the tools with which many kids started to learn; perhaps their modern mirrorless descendants should play that same role. Again, this is an advanced camera in a compact form with a range of lenses available, in addition to the zoom lens with which it is sold.

The For parents, instant cameras may be a blast from the past, but for the kids, the novelty will be fresh—and they provide not only a creative outlet, but a chance to play with prints and a tactile appreciation of photography. The cameras are very simple to use, with four scene settings and built-in flash.

Best camera for kids 9 easy to use and durable cameras for children | T3

They are total point-and-shoots that immediately spit out 2. Like the Polaroid , the instax mini 8 and mini 9 create credit-card-sized prints and work with specialized Instant Color Film that offers vibrant colors and fast development time; some have rainbow-colored borders , as opposed to the standard white. Their form factor is styled more for adult tastes, but can be equally applicable for kids, and the wide format is great for group shots. Finally, the Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera bridges the gap between digital and instant print photography.

The Snap is available in blue , red , white , black , purple and pink , and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Obviously, any camera can be for a kid, but the ones mentioned above tend to fit the skill-level, budgets and hands of the younger set. Let us know what camera your children use. Any recommedations for a video camera that wll be used by a 5 year old?

We are looking to upload good quality videos to a youtube channel. What are your thoughts on the Nikon Coolpix W for a 4 year old? It either that or the frozen The camera itself offers imaging capability that are more than sufficient for a young child, including HD p video and its large buttons and form factor are ideal for small hands.

I would recommend it over the "frozen" model. Many of the cameras in this otherwise excellent article ar showing up as unavailable or discontinued.

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Suggest that someone go thru it and do some updating. Thank you for pointing this out.

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This is an article I wrote last year and we will get on the update asap.