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The relationships, and motivations of their chief participants, are as tangled and shady as you expect of the super-rich. The drain clogs in the shower every few days, and the clump of tangled brown hair is springy between my fingers. Palmer is, of course, just as tangled up, as human, as everybody else--and he knows it.

What astonishment that such beauty urges me into bed for a nightlong sweaty roll in tangled sheets. There were grassy stretches and slopes, great trees, and terraces covered with tangled masses of vines and flowers.

‘Tangled,’ the New Old-Fashioned Disney - Review - The New York Times

So tangled and unyielding was the mass that even dynamite had little effect upon it. And she walked straight on into the tangled thicket before her; and the forest parted to right and left, and she walked out. I rushed to the door and looked 'round hurriedly; but only the tangled bushes and shrubs met my gaze. It was a marshy, dense, and tangled coppice projecting like a sabre tooth between the brigades of Lane and Archer. Rapunzel Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions.

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The complexity is hidden in an unseen tangle of streams. Exploration existed within a tangle of pressures, obligations, and the demands of an attentive public.

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Questions of honesty and allocation of credit do not arise in isolation but are mired in a real-world tangle of relationships, hierarchy, and uncertain consequences. One of the four bounds to the former neighbor atoms is then tangling and produces p-conduction. Dealing with these tagliatelli-like tangles demands continual abstraction to seek order, deeper meaning and more unifying links.

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I shall not tangle with issues of this kind. The complexity of the arguments is itself a reflection of the tangle of factors determining current spelling practice. But these demands arising out of a tangle of information and expectation may dominate the case scenario.

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Specifically, he noticed the presence of homoclinic tangles and inferred that the series solutions of the equations of motion diverge. The ropes had got tangled in the storm and it was too rough to right them. The often criticized tangle of plots and subplots in a typical eighteenth-century libretto had one very important function.

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The undergrowth was thick and dominated by tangles of climbers, giant herbs and thorny creepers. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of tangle?

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