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In recent weeks, reports have suggested that the Trump administration may stage a federal intervention in California to address homelessness in the state. As for state homelessness rates, the District of Columbia has the highest in the country, at 5. New York is next, followed by Hawaii, Oregon and California.

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The White House report teased out certain trends in homelessness across the country. Communities along both coasts have much larger homeless populations than those in the middle of the country. One driver of this trend is likely the more notable rise in housing prices along the coasts than in much of the Midwest. And states with warmer climates were generally more likely to see larger concentrations of people living on the streets.

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However, some warmer states such as Texas and Florida have smaller homeless populations than might be expected. The White House report identified local laws and policing practices as a potential differentiator. The Trump administration has floated a range of proposals on how to curb the homelessness crisis across the nation.

For starters, the White House cited a need for deregulation. The resulting housing scarcity has driven up prices. Experts and politicians across the political spectrum have suggested that relaxing such regulations could provide a boost to building activity. But the Trump administration has gone a step further in suggesting that law enforcement play a role in curbing homelessness. The White House has reportedly considered razing tent camps, notably in Los Angeles, and directing the people taking shelter there into government-run facilities.

Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Edward R. Jasjit S. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding author. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background There is little understanding about the experiences and preferences at the end of life EOL for people from unique cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Objective Explore the concerns and desires for EOL care among homeless persons.

Street outreach for homeless persons with serious mental illness: is it effective?

Design Qualitative study utilizing focus groups. Participants Fifty-three homeless persons recruited from agencies providing homeless services. Measurements In-depth interviews, which were audiotaped and transcribed. Results We present 3 domains encompassing 11 themes arising from our investigation, some of which are previously unreported. Conclusions Homeless persons have significant personal experience and feelings about death, dying, and EOL care, much of which is different from those previously described in the EOL literature about other populations. Questions General questions Do you have any experience with a serious illness or injury or a close friend or relative who had a serious illness or injury or who has died?

Are you concerned about dying? Do you think about dying, care while dying, or death? Is this an issue that concerns you? Is this an issue that you would like to talk about more? Specific questions Do you have any one that you can talk to about these issues?

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Probes: Do you have family that you are in contact with? Do you have friends that you trust? Do you know any social workers, service providers, or health care providers whom you trust? What concerns do you have regarding dying, care at the end of life, and death? Probes: Are you concerned about what happens to your body? Your health care? Pain, symptom management, discomfort?

Are you concerned about being stuck on life support?


Are you concerned about dying alone? If you were sick or dying, are there people you trust or love that you can get support from? Who can make decisions for you? Have you ever heard of a living will or durable power of health attorney? Who would you like to have by your side? Who do you need to make peace with? What would you like to have happen to your body? What are you afraid of when dying? What stands in the way of you having a good death? Probes: What stands in the way of good health care?

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  • Dying on the Streets: Homeless Persons’ Concerns and Desires about End of Life Care.
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What would you need to die in comfort and dignity? What are some problems with services that you have encountered? What kind of services would you say would be needed so that homeless people might die in comfort and with dignity? Open in a separate window. My girlfriend died in my arms with my baby. She was four months pregnant at the time He had a stroke and was on dialysis.

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Me and him, being about the same age, it made me fear for my life. Yeah, you may be dead there for three, four years But also, once you see the doctor, the doctor should spend a little more time and get to know you a little bit better and show a little more compassion. I went to get medical care, something that they guaranteed me for life.

You said that you would take care of it. So the VA does nothing. They ask you what happened. Why are you homeless? But I notice that homeless people, or street punks, whatever you call them, whatever is right for them, prostitutes or whatever, sometimes these type of people, another street person they have known for years and seems more like a family member than their own family. For me that is considered a family member. The doctor called me a goddamn drug addict and told me to get the hell out of his office. There can be contact with her and she will communicate with my daughter.

My living will says my family will have no say or discussion of what is done.

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  8. I made sure to talk to him nephew on the telephone. It just came into my mind. Even if your family is not around at the hospital, there are these great hospice people. If you could spend your last time talking with them I had cancer just last year. But I had support from the people at Listening House, friends. Participant-suggested interventions Interventions suggested by participants to improve dying and EOL care for homeless persons What we do need is a shelter somewhere between Minneapolis and St.

    Experience With End of Life Care Participants consistently had experiences with serious illnesses and deaths of loved ones or acquaintances, or their own encounters with serious illness. Past experiences with death and EOL care were frequently poor and frightening: When she my mom got sick, they put her in a nursing home, and they denied me access Preferences, Wishes, and Hopes Participants expressed preferences and hopes, many echoing those articulated in the mainstream EOL literature, such as a wish for reconciliation with loved ones or avoiding heroic interventions.

    Relationships with Strangers Most respondents commented that society, including police, medical professionals, and social service agency staff, does not treat them with respect or compassion. Participant-Suggested Interventions Finally, participants suggested many interventions to improve care for dying homeless people. Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the clients and staff of St. References 1. Accessed March 16, Burt MR.