Manual Solfège des solfèges, Book 2, Part 2 (Nos. 51 - 90)

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Leave feedback about this page. Colour composite text file pdf Individual page: Rowan tree Page - Oh! Preliminary Exer- cises for Two Voices, followed by six characteristic Duettinos. Bass Part to ditto Class Edition. IS Vocalises, servant d'fitudes de Per- fectionnement. Pour Alto ou Contralto. Fragments from the works of great authors.

Solfege facile a deux voix. Easy Melodic Solfeggi for 2 Voices for junior singing classes. Solfege melodique a deux voix a,6 pour des cours superieurs de Solfege. Harold Rosen. Harvey B. Jameson Marvin Choral. Jameson Marvin C. Joel Phillips: Arise! HL Arr.

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Jonah Kliewer. Kirke Mechem Cho. Margaret A. Marshall Bartholomew Choral, T. Marshall Bartholomew S. Artistic Studies, Bk. Augusta Read Thomas: Two E. Avner Dorman: Sonata No.

A.L. Dannhauser (Author of Solfege des Solfeges, Book I)

Avner Dorman: Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! Avner Dorman: String Quartet No. Lutgen Low Voice, Piano A. Bach J. Bach: Siciliano GS J. Bachianas Brasileiras No. Ballad No. Barry E. Beautiful Dreamer Gets Funky!

Beethoven: Choral Finale Symphony No. Janos Starker GS Beethove. Beethoven: Op. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. Beethoven: Piano Sonata 'Moonlight' Op.

Beethoven: Sonata Op. Beethoven: Sonatina No. Beethoven: String Quartets Op. Beethoven: Symphonies Book 1 Nos. Beethoven: Two Short Sonatas Op. Bohuslav Martinu: Concerto No. Bohuslav Martinu: Sonata No. Brass Quintet For 2 Trumpets. Tenor Trombone. Bright Sheng: String Quartet No. Bach Piano PF Schirmer. Camargo Guarnieri: Sonatina No.

A.L. Dannhauser (Author of Solfege des Solfeges, Book I)

Cantos No. Mueller 2 Sopr. Mueller Chora. Bach Piano PF. Carl Reinecke: Sonata Undine Op. Carlos Chavez: Symphony No. Carol Of The Birds Arr. Carolyn Jennings: Bandicoot No. Carolyn Jennings: Penguin No. Carson P. Cary Ratcliff: Night Songs No. Cary Ratcliff: Were We Dreaming? Bsn Southern Music Compan. Cecil Effinger: The St. Cello Concerto, Op.

Centone No. Ceremonial, Op. Chamber Symphony No. Charles Gounod: Messe Solennelle St. Ives Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bas. Ives Voice. Charles Ives: Piano Sonata No. Ives Violin,. Ives Unison Voice, Piano Accompaniment. Charles Ives: Sonata No. Charles Ives: Symphony No. Ives O. Ives Piano PF.

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Charles T. Griffes: Clouds Op. Griffes Piano PF Schir. Griffes Piano PF. Griffes: Lake At Evening Op. Griffes Piano. Griffes: Night Winds Op. Griffes Piano PF Sc.

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Griffes Flute, Piano. Griffes: Roman Sketches Op. Griffes: Scherzo Op. Griffes Piano PF Schi. Griffes Piano PF S. Griffes: The White Peacock Op. Griffes: Vale Of Dreams Op. Griffes Piano P. Charles Widor: Toccata Symphony No.

Prentice Ensemble de Percussions Southern Mu. Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Concerto in It.