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Even women who are the primary salary earners do more.

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Somehow having it all means doing it all. My hope is that this country will treat raising children as a public good, not our own private grind to endure. That everyone will have access to affordable, high-quality child care and paid parental leave, and that all of corporate America will have family-friendly policies to support the notion that you can be a good parent and a good employee. Which brings me back to why, as harried as I am, I stay a working mom. Sure, my husband and I need the dual income to afford the high cost of living in Massachusetts.

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But what keeps me going is the belief that we need women in the workplace to drive change. Women in management, women in the corner office, women in the boardroom. A big reason why I launched my column five years ago was to highlight how and why we need more women in charge. Consider what our male-dominated world has wrought: the fatherhood bonus and the motherhood penalty. Michelle Budig, a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, tells me that women earn 7 to 8 percent less per child.

Working men, on the other hand, see their salaries go up over 6 percent after they become fathers. Discrimination or unmeasured productivity differences are likely in play. Nor would Katherine Hays, a Boston tech entrepreneur on her second company and a mom of three. Non-negotiables in their schedule are sitting down as a family for breakfast and dinner every day. They have a son who is 8 and twin daughters who are 6. After dinner and baths, Hays puts in another work shift from p.

It makes for a long day, but what drives her every day is the belief that her company, Vivoom, will change the advertising industry and that the tech world needs more female leaders and role models. Work gives many of us purpose, but so do our kids.

I guess after having spent nearly four hours fixing the sump he must be too tired to even grouse like I do. I'm tired.

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Exhaustion isn't new to me. This, however, seems like a whole new phase with more intimidating hurdles to overcome. Even the mere thought of housekeeping drains all the zing out of me. Wish I could take atleast an hour break from my gruelling routine and resume blogging in full swing.

Ever since I The news bothered me more than I thought it would. I logged into my Facebook group to see the reaction of other moms regarding the verdict. Click the image to view the source As expected, there was this verbose post fuming a hot discussion on which brand we should trust next, all the while arrowing From here. Three of your childhood books?

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Three of your best memories. Watching Modern Family with Dr.

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H I don't really know why we stopped doing this , times spent with my best friends in Chennai and baby D's first kick. Things that are yellow and Create a website or blog at WordPress.


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