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Coping with Losing a Loved One

There is no one right way for you to mourn. Neither is there one right way for other family members to mourn. Each of you will mourn differently. If you have surviving siblings, you will find that each will mourn this death in his or her own way. Try not to let these differences alarm you or hurt your feelings. If your parents are still alive, they, too, will have their own unique responses to the death. You can help by facilitating open and honest communication with them about their grief and yours. Feelings will naturally run high in your family in the weeks and months after the death.

The best approach is to be open with one another without blaming. Linking objects are items that belonged to or remind you of the sibling who died. Photographs, videos, CDs, ticket stubs, clothing, gifts you received from him or her—all of these connect you to the sibling who died.

Some items may bring sadness, some happiness, some sappiness i. While linking objects may evoke painful feelings, they are healing feelings. They help you embrace the pain of your loss and move toward reconciliation.

They may also give you comfort in the weeks and months ahead. If you need to box some of them up for a time, do so. Later, when you are ready, you will likely find that displaying linking objects in your home is a way to remember the sibling who died and honor your ongoing feelings of love and loss. Sometimes grieving families ask that memorial contributions be made to specified charities in the name of the person who died. If he were still here, what would make him proud to have his name associated with? Some families have set up scholarship funds.

Some have donated books to the library or schools. Some have donated park benches or picnic tables, inscribed with an appropriate plaque. Some have planted gardens. You might also choose to carry on with something your sibling loved to do or left unfinished. You will find that honoring your sibling is both a way to express your grief and to remember what was special about him or her. If you are a twin whose twin brother or sister has died, you may be especially devastated by this death.

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Twins often report a sense of being halved after their twin has died. Without their twin, they simply do not feel whole. Your grief work may be particularly arduous. I recommend that you seek the support of an experienced grief counselor if you are struggling. The wonderful website www.

In other words, we learn to live with it and are forever changed by it. This does not mean a life of misery, however. Mourners often not only heal but grow through grief. Our lives can potentially be deeper and more meaningful after the death of someone loved. Yet we only achieve reconciliation if we actively express and receive support for our grief. Find someone who will listen without judging as you talk about your grief. Make art. Find things to do that help you express your grief, and keep doing them. It is as essential as breathing.

Yet because our culture misunderstands the importance of grief, some people deny or avoid their normal and necessary thoughts and feelings. Choose to mourn. Choose to heal.

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Choose to live and love fully again. I have always said that we mourn significant losses from the inside out. Nov 1st Jacqueline Glawe. I often write about how grief has changed me, how loss has heightened my sensitivity to my surroundi …. Oct 25th Patricia Mealer. Oct 23rd Nan Zastrow.

Helping Yourself Heal When an Adult Sibling Dies

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Moving forward after the loss of a sibling

Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. In Surviving the Death of a Sibling , T. Book Information Author: by T. Add to Cart. Quick view. Finding Your Way After Your Parent Dies: Hope for Grieving Adults The experience of losing a parent in death is almost universal — and yet many who feel this loss for the first time are Healing the Adult Sibling's Grieving Heart: Practical Ideas Offers practical ideas to help understand and accept the passing of a sibling.

The principles of grief and mourning are clearly

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