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In , in the final day of hearing on "U. Assistance Programs in Vietnam", a former serviceman named K. Milton Osborn described the Phoenix Program as a "sterile depersonalized murder program. Adams , [35] in an interview with CBC News , talked about the program as basically an assassination program that also included torture. A former Phoenix Intelligence Officer, Barton Osborn, in an interview broadcast in , talked about the torture practices used by the Americans and detailed a case in which a man was dragged out of the interrogation's hooch with a dowel protruding from his ear.

The dowel had been tapped through in the course of torture to hit the brain. These were activities performed by American Marines. They would also kill people by throwing them out of helicopters to threaten and intimidate those they wanted to interrogate. Abuses were common. Phoenix tried to address this problem by establishing monthly neutralization quotas, but these often led to fabrications or, worse, false arrests. In some cases, district officials accepted bribes from the VC to release certain suspects.

After Phoenix Program abuses began receiving negative publicity, the program was officially shut down, although it continued under the name Plan F-6 [40] [41] [42] [43] [44] with the government of South Vietnam in control. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses of "Operation Phoenix", see Operation Phoenix disambiguation. Military engagements during the Vietnam War. Colby , p. Summers, Jr. Andrew R. Finlayson, cia. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Melbourne University Publishing. The New Yorker. Retrieved 20 November Retrieved Department of the Army, State Terrorism and Neoliberalism: the North in the South.

Vietnam: the last war the U.

Do You Know Boys Who Regard Girls as 'Prey'? - The New York Times

Haymarket Books. Truth, torture, and the American way: the history and consequences of U. Beacon Press. A Bright Shining Lie , p. Appy , Penguin Books , , page Retrieved 9 November Issues in low-intensity conflict series. Lexington Books.

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Archived from the original PDF on 25 June Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estate. Folly, M. Historical Dictionary of U. Diplomacy during the Cold War. Historical Dictionaries of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations. Frater, J. Ulysses Press. Frazier, H. Uncloaking the CIA. Free Press. Gidlund, Carl Arthur Vietnam Courier in An instrument of propaganda M. Hastedt, G. Controlling Intelligence. Studies in Intelligence. Hunt, R. Westview Press. In Thieu's Prisons.

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Hanoi: Foreign Languages Publishing House. Keyes, R. Euphemania: Our Love Affair with Euphemisms. Little, Brown. Moyar, M. Naval Institute Press. Nomination of William E. Colby to be Director of Central Intelligence, July 2, 20, and 25, North American Congress on Latin America North American Congress on Latin America. Saunders, N.

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Subversion of law enforcement intelligence gathering operations: Organizing Committee for a Fifth Estate. The existing detectives, including the main character, Lucas Davenport, face a great deal of pressure to solve the case. Lucas hunts for the motivation behind the seemingly-unrelated murders and theorizes with his colleagues that the murders have a deeper purpose than just the death of someone who has mistreated the Indians in some manner. The masterminds behind the killings are two older Indian men called the Crows who are considered radical spiritualists by their own community.

Their goal is to attract the attention of the director of the FBI, Lawrence Duberville Clay, who has committed horrible atrocities against the Indian community, including raping young Indian girls when he was a young police officer.

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As Clay's social and political status has risen, he has taken every opportunity to beat down the Indian's using his clout. They plan to kill him in Minneapolis, hopefully when he is away from his vast numbers of security guards, and expose the evil, perverted person that lies beneath the polished, political veneer. Shadow Love, the Crow's son, creates multiple obstacles in the path of both the Crows and the police.

He kills two Sioux who he feels are traitors to the Indian community because they helped the police. This act displeases the Crows because they had never considered killing their own people. Shadow Love's choice of Indian victims confuses the police and distracts them from figuring out the Crow's true purpose sooner. Lucas tells Daniel he thinks the motive behind the killings is to get Clay to come to Minneapolis, but Daniel thinks that can not be the real reason for so many deaths. The Crows are shot many times outside Drake's house where they kill Clay; however, they knew that their death was a possibility and feel that their message will be carried on after their deaths, which their friend Leo plans to do by turning then into a legend.

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