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So you have to assume that no matter how loving a couple they appeared to be from that point on, the tabloids would continue to bring up the question of the baby's paternity and question Lilly's fidelity for decades to come. But, of course, we're not supposed to think about that because this is a fairy tale and they have to live happily ever after. Like I said it was an unbelievable story and if it hadn't been for all the sex, I'd have thought it was meant to be YA fiction.

The moral of the story just seems more geared for young girls with an unrealistic view of the world. The shy, introverted, inexperienced girl who is too afraid of life to actually do anything somehow attracts a literal prince through no effort on her part whatsoever. He's inexplicably infatuated with her and she turns out to be amazing in bed, despite her lack of experience. All the skinny girls in the story are catty, evil bitches who get their comeuppance for being mean to her.

And at the end she gets to live happily ever after as a princess with the perfect family, her dream job which basically fell into her lap , and billions of dollars. And she gets it all by just being a good person except for the lying and sitting around waiting for everyone to realize it. A Night of living dangerously is a romantic, compelling, intriguing, fun loving novel! Along with the novel the cover of the novel is beautifully stunning! The Cover I think really is so beautiful - maybe more books in future will look like this. I immediately felt attached to her and wanted to read more and more.

The same goes for Alessandro! He was just so intriguing I wanted to know so much where there characters were going from the very first page! From the very beginning I had no idea if the author was going to give me what I wanted or if she was going to give me the unexpected! But I really got what I wanted! Through the twists and turns of the characters lives I grew to honestly love them.

Lilley especially. A Night of Living Dangerously had a lot of conversation! Something which I prefer a lot! I read quicker if two characters are talking and to me it makes the story better! A Night of Living of Dangerously is that book! Although better than you could ever have expected!

I want to read more of these books. If anyone has read any please tell me!

No other words could describe a third of how much I loved this book and just truly breath-taking it is! Jan 06, LLC rated it liked it Shelves: read , to-llc-hp-s When the clock strikes twelve…Alessandro Caetani does not do happy-ever-afters. In fact his charm extends only as far as getting his Little Mouse secretary into bed. Lilley has never taken such a risk before, but this is her night of living dangerously…Who is going to call time on the fairytale ending? May 16, Janice rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , harlequin-presents , keeper , contemporary-romance , hp-challenge.

I loved this book! Lilley was a great heroine. She was unsure of herself at first but by the end of the book she was a strong, independent young woman. Alessandro was a typical alpha male jerk but I loved him from the beginning. Faults and all. This hp is a keeper for me.

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Oct 19, Mayra rated it it was amazing. Loved this story, and wish it were longer. Apr 21, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: hp , contemporary , i-own-this-book , romance , jerk-hero , pregnancy , royalty. Jan 29, Xai Xai rated it it was amazing Shelves: hero-is-heroine-s-boss , heroine-pregnant , italian-heroes , regal-romance , estranged-marriage , heroine-was-transformed , alpha-male , hero-thinks-baby-is-not-his , virgin-heroine , forced-marriages.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Jennie Lucas. Jennie Lucas. Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would-be writer: a very happy childhood. Her parents owned a bookstore, and she grew up surrounded by books, dreaming about faraway lands.

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Her mother read aloud to her in French when she was little; when she was ten, her father secretly paid her a dollar for every classic novel Jane Eyre, War and Peace that she read. As a chubby teenager, Jennie covere Jennie Lucas had a tragic beginning for any would-be writer: a very happy childhood. As a chubby teenager, Jennie covered her bedroom with travel posters and always had her nose in a book. At fifteen, she went to a Connecticut boarding school on scholarship.

She took her first solo trip to Europe at sixteen, then put off college and traveled around the U. At 22, she met the man who would be her husband. For the first time in her life, she wanted to stay in one place, as long as she could be with him. After their marriage, she graduated from Kent State University with a degree in English, and started writing books a year later.

It seemed like too big a dream, but Jennie took a deep breath and went for it. A year later, after seven years of writing and eight finished manuscripts, Jennie got the magical call from London that turned her into a published author. Since then, life has been hectic, juggling a writing career, a sexy husband and two young children, but Jennie loves her crazy, chaotic life.

The Notorious Gabriel Diaz.

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