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Geological Survey USGS released a report which found that low-lying Pacific Islands may face inundation due to sea-level rise earlier than previously predicted. The report projects that significant washover and inundation could impact infrastructure and agriculture during the 21st century. As opposed to examining only the impacts of sea-level rise, this report accounts for both sea-level rise and the subsequently higher wave action that it induces.

Researchers found that storm waves impacted by sea-level rise could be three to four times taller than current waves. Alternatively, models that only account for sea-level rise predicted 19 percent inundation.

RIP FutureGen: Energy Department Kills Troubled Bush-Era Coal Electricity Project - The Atlantic

Even though islands may not be fully inundated, increased storm washovers could lead to salt incursion into shallow fresh groundwater and agricultural soil. While the study examined the unpopulated Northwest Hawaiian Islands of Midway and Laysan, these islands exhibit morphologies typical of many populated Pacific islands, such as the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.

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The Standards recommend which scientific concepts students in U. Under the new guidelines, students will be expected to take a more hands-on role in science classes by developing questions and experiments rather than following a prescribed set of instructions. Implementation of the standards is voluntary. Research will concentrate on four main areas: discovery and exploration; extraction and stimulation; infrastructure and water; and utilization and chemical conversion.

Turgay Ertekin, professor of petroleum and natural gas engineering, and Andrew Zydney, professor of chemical engineering, will be interim co-directors of the institute until a permanent director is named.

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Business is Beginning to Back Climate Change Big-time businesses are beginning to back measures to mitigate climate change. In the review, DOI recommended the creation of a comprehensive, integrated, Arctic-specific plan outlining all stages of operation.

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  5. The review cited a need for additional preparation, improved containment systems, and better management practices before production continues. Exxon Mobil Corp. Shell postponed its U.

    Arctic drilling plans following management and technical problems experienced offshore Alaska during the season. McNutt, the former director of the U. Science was founded in and McNutt will be its first female editor-in-chief.

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    The report notes that approximately one percent of students taking introductory physics graduate with an undergraduate degree in physics. NRC advocates for continued research into effective physics education strategies, and for implementation of knowledge gained from such research. The report looks at risk analysis, flood insurance, risk reduction, and risk communication. It recommends that NFIP employ a modern risk analysis with updated methods and computational mapping to better estimate inundation and damage probability for areas behind levees.

    These developments would allow insurance pricing based on individual risk.

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    An Evaluation of the U. The report critiques the choice to represent total resource as a single number as opposed to breaking down the value into individual locations for more practical use. Nine projects experienced no increase in cost or delay of launch while three saw an increase in cost and schedule delay. This statement provides the key points of each report.

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    During fiscal year , nine federal agencies implemented 82 wind initiatives with seven duplicating support for the same project. GAO outlines the history and challenges of the Yucca Mountain project, citing particularly the lack of support at the state level for the project. The report also examines prospects of interim storage and developing an alternate geologic repository.

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    Of these programs, GAO found that 83 percent overlapped with at least one other program in some part. Effective evaluations of the impact of many programs were lacking. In the U. Preparedness plans extend to a mile area around the plant, GAO recommends that the NRC and FEMA should take into account areas outside this mile zone in planning responses and evacuations.

    Applications are due May 31, A public teleconference will be held on May 16, from 1 pm to 5 pm. Comments are due by June 27, Comments are due May 13, If a public hearing is requested by April 17, , comments will be due May 28, Appointments are expected to be made by the beginning of fiscal year Nominations are due May 13, Comments should be submitted by July 15, DOD — The Department of Defense announced the withdrawal of a proposed rule regarding encouraging contractors to develop science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM programs. Submit requests to make an oral statement at least five business days prior to the meeting.

    Submit comments by July 31, The board seeks an individual from the industry sector but is also accepting candidates from government and civil society sectors to appoint should future vacancies occur. Nominations are due May 24, Submit requests to make oral statements at least five days in advance. The public will have the opportunity to comment between 2 p. EPA — The Environmental Protection Agency is extending the deadline for submitting information on the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water.

    Data and scientific literature should be submitted by November 15, This monthly review goes out to members of the AGI Geoscience Policy Committee, the leadership of AGI's member societies, and others as part of a continuing effort to improve communications about the role of geoscience in policy.

    Skip to main content. Back to top 2. Back to top 3. Back to top 4. October 3rd : Ameren announces it will close down Meredosia power plant and pull out of FutureGen.

    The FutureGen Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project: A Brief History and Issues for Congress

    October 13th : FutureGen Industrial Alliance announces the retrofit of the oxy-combustion coal fueled power plant is on schedule and test drilling has commenced in Morgan County. November : Ameren and FutureGen Industrial Alliance are in talks to buy the Meredosia power plant and transfer stimulus funds awarded for the retrofit of the power plant. To view a our factsheet on FutureGen, click here. For more information, please contact Autumn Hanna at x or autumn[at]taxpayer. FutureGen Project Timeline. Mattoon, Illinois chosen as FutureGen power plant and sequestration site.

    Neither power plant nor sequestration site will be located in Mattoon, IL. Share This Story!