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More Options Prices excl. Add to Cart. View PDF Flyer. Contents About. Pages: i—xix. Pages: 1— Pages: 23— Pages: 85— Pages: — Scientific collaborator State Archives Soleure, Switzerland.

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He has published on the history of glacial geology, climate perception, administrative history and miscellaneous articles in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland. Preface and Acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. Glacier Advances and Icy Theories: — 4. Sakharova L. Salov A. Sandin Bengt, Zetterqvist Nelson Karin, Psychodynamics in child psychiatry in Sweden: from political vision to treatment ideology, , HP, 24 , pp. Savenkova L. Savina A.

Savvina O. Malinin — talent pedagogue, fi director of the Moskow Institute, author of the mathematic textbook for the schools and the high educational institutions ] , MAS, , n.

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Saygusheva L. Selezneva E. Semenova P. Gramsci , HS, 13 , n. Shachina A. Kanta [The aim and the tasks of the pedagogical science in E. Shalaeva S. Pirogov i pedagogichesaya antropologya N. Pirogov and the pedagogical anthropology N. Pirogov, , scholar, physician, social activist, pedagogue, theorizer of the principle of the Gymnasial pedagogy in Russia] , PROPO, , pp.

Shattock Michael, Review article. German universities and the Nazi regime: why did they succumb so readily? Shevelev A. Petersburg teaching community in years] , PSO, 4 ,. Shikalov Yuri G.

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Shilova M. Sidorkin A. Proceedings of the International. Skourtou E. Slepenkova E. Makarenko v razvitii tekhnologii vospitanya kak nauchnogo napravlenya pedagogiki: [A. Smirnov V. Tatishchev u istokov otechestvennoj modeli pedagogicheskogo obrazovanya.

Tatishchev at the sources of the national model of the pedagogical education — a russian activist, thinkers author of works consacrated to the social and professional education] , IPZ, 1 , pp. Smirnova N. Zenkovsky] , IPZ, 4 , pp. Smolarczyk Andrzej, Prywatne szkolnictwo powszechne w wojewodztwie poleskim w latach , RDO, 50 , pp. Katanova — rossyskogo vostokoveda i etnografa, issledovatelya tyurkskikh yazykov i narodov, pervogo khakaskogo professora, gg. Smyth Elizabeth, Gender, religion and higher education: a century of Catholic women at the University of St.

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Sousamidou- Karaberi C. Spantidakis G. Spencer Stephanie, Sources and interpretations.

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Just a book in a library? The Sybil Campbell Library Collection fostering international friendship. Stoyukhina N. Strelova O. Stronach Ian, Education, philosophy and politics.

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Sukhova N. Why is the method Montessori yet actually? Sveshnikov A. Syrett Nicholas L.

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Targhetta Fabio, Una raccolta di saggi, una stagione di studi storico- educativi.