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She gave a little gasp. I got the habit. I've done a lot of things that if my fambly knew"he hesitated, giving her imagination time to picture dark horrors"I went to the burlesque show last week. Myra was quite overcome. He turned the green eyes on her again. This Side of Paradise. Scott Fitzgerald. Free Download. Wealthy and attractive Princeton student Amory Blaine dabbles in literature and romance, and becomes disillusioned by the greed and social climbing of post-World War I American youth.

He had lashes. You'll stunt your growth! Thick dusk had descended outside, and as the limousine made. Fiction and Literature.

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The House of Closed Doors. Rise of the River Man. The Lone Dragon Knight. The Dead and the Missing. Love in a Small Town. Coinage of Commitment. Popular books in Fiction and Literature, War, Romance. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Pride and Prejudice. The Art of Public Speaking. A Little Princess. The Grammar of English Grammars. The Arabian Nights. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. More books by F. Scott Fitzgerald view all.

The Beautiful and the Damned. Flappers and Philosophers. Tales of the Jazz Age. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Is the writing style of this novel hard to follow along with? When the book discusses males and females sharing a kiss, and how big a deal it is, does the author literally mean kiss, or is the kiss a euphemism for a sexual relationship that could not be discussed due to standards of the time? Maegan White I took it to mean actually kissing. As the war went on, kissing became less haphazard and more intentional to "aid" the soldiers through.

After the …more I took it to mean actually kissing. After the war, a shift in society was noted that girls were no longer reprimanded for kissing at least as not as much as before. Hence, the flapper population that Fitzgerald is deemed to have "created" with this novel. He mentions moments between Amory and Rosalind where "you could have had all of me had you just asked it".

So, kissing yes, petting yes, sex no See all 8 questions about This Side of Paradise….

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More filters. Sort order. In this analogy, F. The story is straightforward and relatable and as reductive as a boy trying to impress — and win over — a girl. And it runs deep with themes and symbols, so that any reader paying the least bit of attention will do fine on that school essay. As a child, I had a great love for reading. My favorite place was the library. Then a succession of English teachers — mainly in high school — took that love of reading and drowned it in the tub.

When you have to read something with a figurative gun to your head, when you have to read on deadline, when you have to read artificially, coming to conclusions that others have foreordained, the thing you love quickly becomes the thing you dread. But The Great Gatsby I liked.

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This Side Of Paradise

Only after law school, with no more reading assignments cluttering my life, have I returned to the classics. I reread what I bluffed my way through, or skimmed, or ignored completely. Despite my earlier affinity for Fitzgerald, however, it has taken me years to get around to reading another one of his books. This Side of Paradise tells the story of Amory Blaine, a young boy who comes from a family with money and a good name.

The story begins with him in preparatory school, follows him to Princeton, and eventually ends with Amory adrift: he still has the family name, but the money is mostly gone. In the meantime, Amory falls in and out of love, stays out of World War I combat, and carries on a series of dialogues — both internal and external — that probably encapsulates the generation, at least for a narrow cohort of white, privileged, upper class ivy-leaguers. Paul, Minnesota; Princeton; a lousy, heart-breaking breakup — into his fictionalized world.

If Amory is meant to be a stand-in for Fitzgerald, it is a relatively scathing self-portrait. Amory is a mostly-unlikeable protagonist: self-absorbed, overly-confident, thin-skinned, aimless and lazy. The novel is divided into three parts. The first book was hard to get through. Amory is a striking exhibit of undeserved privilege. He is fickle and prickly and generally unpleasant to spend time with. No reason is given for this temporary shift in narrative style, but it works. The ebb and flow of this relationship, delineated by conversation, comes close to making Amory into a relatable, half-sympathetic human being.

His long monologues can get a bit frustrating. Every once in awhile, though, Fitzgerald will slip in a little grace note.

This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Careless Classics

Near the end of the novel, for example, Amory is shuffling down the road when a man in a limo offers him a ride. Amory then subjects the man to a tiresome disquisition on his economic theories. His name was Jesse Ferrenby. He was killed last year in France. In fact, he was one of my particular friends. We were very close.

Jesse Ferrenby, the man who in college had borne off the crown that he had aspired to. It was all so far away.

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What little boys they had been, working for blue ribbons…The big man held out his hand. Amory saw that the fact that he had known Jesse more than outweighed any disfavor he had created by his opinions. What ghosts were people with which to work! Mostly, though, Amory is detestable. At times, Fitzgerald seems to be toying with the form of a novel, evidenced by the transition from third-person narrative to a play, and his inclusion of letters, poetry and verse.

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Of course, Fitzgerald might simply have been stitching things together, since This Side of Paradise began life as a different, unpublished work. Despite being less than three-hundred pages long, it feels meandering and baggy and choppily episodic. There were portions where my eyes just glazed over. I am in awe at how well he can describe a place: At first Amory noticed only the wealth of sunshine creeping across the long, green swards, dancing on the leaded windowpanes, and swimming around the topes of the spires and towers and battlemented walls… This Side of Paradise has been deemed a classic and will remain a classic.

Overall, I had a positive reaction, though due to its anecdotal nature, I enjoyed the parts more than the whole. Ultimately, my sense is that this is a minor work by a man who later authored major works.

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The Roaring Twenties live on in American imagination, and F. Those who were moneyed. Those who were white. Lost — or rather, ignored, completely — is any hint of a world beyond the elite.