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Madam Sin teaches the women how to please a man but Anne doesn't have any idea how to please the duke. It's really funny but weird at the same time. From a viscount daughter turns to be a courtesan then a duke's mistress.

She just She said her mother - a viscount wife, was a seamstress but sometime help to give birth women around them. So she learned from it. XD So now, Anne can add 'midwife' in her resume huh? I like to read a lady from know nothing, struggle to live, and then become someone. But like I said above, please give me something logic. When you give me all in one, I don't like it. Isn't a duke is a man with power? But I don't feel it in this duke.

Even when he is not blind anymore. I don't feel it. To give 3 stars is too much. To give 2 stars is too little.

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So I give 2. I think it's enough for the story. Dec 13, Karen rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Meet Devon Audley, the handsome, rakish, yet reclusive Duke of March. Since a head injury fighting Bonaparte rendered him blind, he's shunned company of any kind.

He's slowly drinking himself to death in a vain attempt to blunt his violent rages and escape his horrific nightmares Enter Anne Beddington, a.


Annie Black, a. Cerise, impoverished daughter of a viscount who has been forced by her straitened circumstances into prostitution. For the last five years, she's been a virtual slave in a low brothel, at the mercy of a sadistic bodyguard and a cruel, greedy madam who beats her girls regularly.

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Anne thinks she's just accidentally killed her evil madam and is desperate for a place to hide out and acquire funds for her escape far from London before the Bow Street Runners snaffle her for murder. When she overhears one of Devon's friends trying to hire a fellow ladybird to pleasure Devon out of his funk, Anne decides the duke's distant estate would be a perfect hiding place.

She is determined to make herself his mistress I started out liking these characters, particularly Devon how can you not like a handsome, sexy, wounded warrior? Also amazingly, not diseased. That's already a little bit of a stretch, but I could have gotten past that. However, the author continues to heap on the wonders this woman can perform. In the course of the book, she: rescues innocents from the clutches of her madam, wins a place as Devon's mistress, overcomes the trauma of childhood sex abuse, has her first orgasm, teaches Devon to accept his blindness, reconciles him with his family, reconciles his sister with her husband, delivers her sister's baby, accidentally restores Devon's sight, rescues a young boy from forced prostitution and successfully counsels him free of the trauma that caused , finds a way to free Devon of his guilt, discovers the true murderer, escapes a burning building, reunites with her long-lost great-grandmother becoming heir to a fortune in the process , has the option to be restored to Society and turns it down , and-- here was the real kicker that finally sent me over the edge with laughter-- gets married WHILE HAVING A BABY.

And the whole time, she's carrying on with "I am not worthy!

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This woman doesn't deserve to be restored to Society and married to a duke, she deserves to be canonized doubtless after healing all of London of the plague and then dying of a romantic wasting disease herself. The sex was appropriately steamy, but even that got to be a little over the top-- it was as though, in order to prove how much of a sexy rake Devon was, the author mined a Victorian naughty book for every variation on the act she could find.

None of them are particularly eyebrow-raising or out of the norm taken singly well, except the "in a swing" one, which had me trying to figure out how it was anatomically possible , but the sheer number of variations got in the way. It felt more like they were reading their way methodically through a manual than being adventurously lustful together.

It starts well, but less really would have been more for the plot. Mar 24, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: romance. Enjoyed the book.

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  8. Well-developed characters and interesting plot. The story kept me interested and wondering about the results. A gently-bred young woman and her mother are forced from their home after her father dies and an unscrupulous cousin inherits the title. Alone, with no other relatives willing to help, Anne and her mother, turn to the London stews just barely surviving.

    When her mother dies and nowhere else to go, Anne is forced into prostitution. Escaping the brothel and wanted for mur Enjoyed the book. Escaping the brothel and wanted for murder of the madam, Anne flees London and winds up as the mistress of a reclusive duke, blinded and battle-scarred from fighting at Waterloo. As Anne helps the duke begin to heal, her past catches up to her forcing her to run. Nov 18, Cheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , historical. I loved Anne and Devon's relationship and how much she helped him though his post war injuries. Many times in this book I felt the story stalled and dragged out in places.

    That didn't stop me from reading on and being more that satisfied with how the story progressed. View 1 comment. Jun 26, Karen Wilson rated it liked it. Really sweet hero and heroine with a big portion of bedroom activities.

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    The side story about the bitter nature of prostitution is certainly thought-provoking but one can argue that it takes away from the main characters. Sep 24, Esmeteina rated it really liked it. : Engaged in Sin: A Rouge Regency Romance () : : Books

    I really love this book and i found the conflict quite logical. I also like the way the author revealed the heroine's past as you go along the storyline. Took me 2 days to read this. A long book, and I nearly didn't finish it - nearly gave up, but kept with it. Feb 25, Lindap rated it really liked it. Jun 24, Renaissancecat22 rated it it was ok. This is certainly better than the first Sharon Page book I read which was just embarrassing. There's still a governess-like character who guides a blind aristocrat through living with his new impairment only for him to view spoiler [miraculously regain his sight with a blow to the head.

    Oh right, the heroine is a prostitute.

    Sharon Page

    I don't think Page really worked through her issues with climaxing but I'll say at least the heroine as a prostitute who didn't understand the pleasure of sex was more believable than her other character of the virgin who took to it way too quickly. The writing isn't unreadable but it still has a curious flatness. There's a lot of telling instead of showing and even though there's an attempt to develop the characters they never come across as real people. There's always the feeling they're just little paper dolls Page is manipulating at her whim.

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    Mar 21, Ashley rated it liked it. I liked the plot and the chemistry between the two main characters. Nov 21, Kathy Davie rated it liked it Shelves: romance , history. An historical romance novel set in with a crusading zeal. My Take Page is an engaging author and as whiny as I usually get when an historical storywriter doesn't pay attention to the story's time period, I actually enjoyed this, although I'm not sure if it's the writing or Page's do-good spirit that caught me.

    It certainly cracked me up how very inept Anne is at the harlot business. She hasn't a clue and yet she's a successful prostitute? Guys, this is so not flattering to y'all My An historical romance novel set in with a crusading zeal. Page does tend to leap about and pull in some odd twists, but since they are questions about which I've always wondered, I'm being hypocritical enough to let them go. I'm rather surprised there is no one in his household who can read. Who does the accounts? Our Anne is a very caring person and she's more interested in incorporating what she learned with how her blind grandfather coped than with doing a better job of faking her orgasms when she's with the duke.

    She's also quite gung-ho about the evils of prostitution and providing women without family or spousal support with a better way of making a living. The Story As a result of a misplaced poker, Anne Beddington has had to flee London and seek a hiding place from the Bow Street Runners and an overheard conversation sends her to the Duke of March's hunting box.