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Paul Graham — Paris th November, Bieke Deporter - I am about to call it a day. Isabelle Evertse - Anthropoides Paradiseus. But Delaware and Sturgis have a hundred guests to question, and a sneaking suspicion that the motive for murder is personal. Now they must separate the sinners from the saints, the true from the false, and the secrets from those keeping them.

The Black Ascot by Charles Todd. An astonishing tip from a grateful ex-convict seems implausible—but Inspector Ian Rutledge is intrigued and brings it to his superior at Scotland Yard.

Alan Barrington, who has evaded capture for ten years, is the suspect in an appalling murder during Black Ascot, the famous royal horserace honoring the late King Edward VII. His disappearance began a manhunt that consumed Britain for a decade. Now it appears that Barrington has returned to England, giving the Yard a last chance to retrieve its reputation and see justice done. Rutledge is put in charge of a quiet search under cover of a routine review of a cold case.

But is he too close to finding his man? His sanity is suddenly brought into question by a shocking turn of events. His sister Frances, Melinda Crawford, and Dr. Fleming stand by him, but there is no greater shame than shell shock.

Questioning himself, he realizes that he cannot look back. The only way to save his career—much less his sanity—is to find Alan Barrington and bring him to justice. But is this elusive murderer still in England. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy their work, as will mystery and crime thriller enthusiasts.

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Miami attorney Jack Swyteck lands in the heart of the contentious immigration debate when he takes on the heart-wrenching case of an undocumented immigrant who fled to America to protect her daughter and save herself, in this timely and pulse-pounding thriller that explores the stories behind the headlines from New York Times bestselling author James Grippando, winner of the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction.

Arriving in Miami, mother and daughter struggled to carve their own piece of the American dream. A ruthless enemy may have tracked them to south Florida and is biding time, patiently waiting to strike. In a case where the stakes have never been higher, Jack Sywteck may not be able to save his client—even if he wins. Grippando is one of the few top-notch legal thriller writers still working today, and in a genre that has become less popular over recent years, his stuff is a must for fans of John Grisham and Scott Turrow. The Hiding Place by C.

The thrilling second novel from the author of The Chalk Man , about a teacher with a hidden agenda who returns to settle scores at a school he once attended, only to uncover a darker secret than he could have imagined. Joe never wanted to come back to Arnhill. After the way things ended with his old gang—the betrayal, the suicide, the murder—and after what happened when his sister went missing, the last thing he wanted to do was return to his hometown.

And only Joe knows who is really at fault. Lying his way into a teaching job at his former high school is the easy part. But the hardest part of all will be returning to that abandoned mine where it all went wrong and his life changed forever, and finally confronting the shocking, horrifying truth about Arnhill, his sister, and himself. It was the day she came back.

With the same virtuosic command of character and pacing she displayed in The Chalk Man , C.

Tudor has once again crafted an extraordinary novel that brilliantly blends harrowing psychological suspense, a devilishly puzzling mystery, and enough shocks and thrills to satisfy even the most seasoned reader. The Lost Man by Jane Harper. Two brothers meet in the remote Australian outback when the third brother is found dead, in this stunning new standalone novel from New York Times bestseller Jane Harper. Two brothers meet at the remote fence line separating their cattle ranches in the lonely outback. The third brother lies dead at their feet.

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Something caused Cam, the middle child who had been in charge of the family homestead, to die alone in the middle of nowhere. So the eldest brother returns with his younger sibling to the family property and those left behind. But the fragile balance of the ranch is threatened. Amidst the grief, suspicion starts to take hold, and the eldest brother begins to wonder if more than one among them is at risk of crumbling as the weight of isolation bears down on them all.

Dark, suspenseful, and deeply atmospheric, The Lost Man is the highly anticipated next book from the bestselling and award-winning Jane Harper, author of The Dry and Force of Nature. Why you should be excited about it : Jane Harper burst onto the scene a few years back, captivating readers with two stories following Federal Police Agent Aaron Falk. One of the young stars of her genre, Harper, until proven otherwise, is a must-read every time out.

Careless Love by Peter Robinson. Release Date : February 12th. He has won acclaim and numerous international prizes and awards, including the Edgar. Two suspicious deaths challenge DS Alan Banks and his crack investigative team. The death looks like suicide, but there are too many open questions for Banks and his team to rule out foul play.

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How did she get there? Where—and when—did she die? Did someone move her, and if so, why? A man in his sixties is found dead in a gully up on the wild moorland. He is wearing an expensive suit and carrying no identification. Postmortem findings indicate that he died from injuries sustained during a fall.