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UK Release | Penguin UK, Available January 10th

Years before, he had put a man away for an eerily similar crime, and now he's beginning to think that an innocent man may be behind bars--and a serial killer still on the loose. This is it! Plot Details : Vaka sits, regretting her choice of coat, on the cold steps of her new school. Grownups, she decides, are useless. With no way to call home, she resigns herself to waiting on the steps until her father remembers her. When a girl approaches, Vaka recognizes her immediately from class, and from her unusual appearance: two of her fingers are missing.

The girl lives at the back of the school, on the other side of a high fence, and Vaka asks to call her father from the girl's house. That afternoon is the last time anyone sees Vaka. Detective Huldar and child psychologist Freyja are called in.

Soon, they find themselves at the heart of another shocking case. Plot Details : Out of the frozen depths of a forest in Ormberg, Sweden, a woman stumbles onto the road. Her arms are covered with scratches, her feet are bare, and she has no memory of who she is. Hanne begins to recover but cannot recall anything about where her partner is, or what their investigation had uncovered before her disappearance.

Police have only one lead: a young woman in a sequined dress who was spotted nearby the night Hanne was found. Terrified of discovery, Jake hid and watched Hanne get into a car, leaving behind her diary. When another murder victim is found in the woods, Jake realizes that Hanne herself is in danger, and his only choice is to find and warn her so that together, they can stop the killer before he strikes again. Safe to say I am very excited about this one! She has learned to channel most of her anxious energy into her position as Detective Inspector in the mobile unit in Gothenburg, Sweden, and into sports.

A talented hunter and prizewinning Nordic welterweight, she is glad to be taking a vacation from her high-stress job to attend the annual moose hunt with her family and friends.

Sure enough, a string of unsettling incidents follow, culminating in the disappearance of two hunters. Embla takes charge of the search, and they soon find one of the missing men floating facedown in the nearby lake. With the help of local reinforcements, Embla delves into the dark pasts of her fellow hunters in search of a killer. This series follows a Danish woman who leaves her home in Denmark to come to the United States and pursue the truth about her father, a man who abandoned his wife and child years prior.

Plot Details : After suddenly inheriting a funeral home from her father--who she hadn't heard from in decades--Ilka Jensen has impulsively abandoned her quiet life in Denmark to visit the small town in rural Wisconsin where her father lived.

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There, she's devastated to discover her father's second family: a stepmother and two half sisters she never knew existed. And who aren't the least bit welcoming, despite Ilka's efforts to reach out. Then a local woman is killed, seemingly the unfortunate victim of a home invasion turned violent. But when Ilka learns that the woman knew her father, it becomes increasingly clear that she may not have been a completely random victim after all.

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The more Ilka digs into her father's past, the more deeply entangled she becomes in a family drama that has spanned decades and claimed more than one life--and she may be the next victim This slow burn of a suspense story is utterly immersive and atmospheric—a perfect choice if you want a book that will pick you up and drop you off in the middle of a town steeped in despair, and characters much the same. Lelle has spent the intervening summers driving the Silver Road under the midnight sun, frantically searching for his lost daughter, for himself and for redemption. Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Meja arrives in town hoping for a fresh start.

She is the same age as Lelle's daughter was - a girl on the brink of adulthood. But for Meja, there are dangers to be found in this isolated place. As autumn's darkness slowly creeps in, Lelle and Meja's lives are intertwined in ways, both haunting and tragic, that they could never have imagined. Many thanks to Lisa Jewell for taking the time to answer my questions so thoughtfully, and to her fantastic US publicist for facilitating this conversation.

Some family secrets should never see the light of day. Libby Jones always dreamed of learning more about her origins. One day, not long after turning 25, Libby comes home to find an envelope waiting for her, its contents revealing the true identity of her birth parents… and the fact that she has inherited their vast mansion in a posh London neighborhood.

But by claiming this inheritance, Libby is claiming a darker inheritance, too: a connection to an unsolved crime and an obscure, cult-like society, one which has been waiting, biding its time, until Libby makes herself known. Every fall, crime writers and readers gather for Bouchercon, the World Mystery Convention.

Have You Seen Me? KILL CREEK is a horror story built for fans of the genre, a clever and spine-tingling tale of a group of horror writers whose publicity stunt turns into a desperate battle for survival. In KILL CREEK, four prolific horror writers are invited to spend Halloween night at a legendary haunted house, a publicity opportunity orchestrated by a preeminent horror website and its mysterious creator.

Rioters’ Favorite Mysteries, Thrillers, And True Crime of 2018

For each of the writers, this invitation presents a much-needed answer to professional and personal woes. But what should have been an easy commitment quickly turns sinister. Splitting its time between that fateful night in the house and the weeks and months after, KILL CREEK leads readers down a twisty and twisted road—one filled with hidden motivations and unforeseen consequences.

Nestled among the rolling hills of rural Virginia, The Goode School - and its students - are a picture of elegance, success, and wealth. Enter the world of J. Readers looking for an adult suspense novel in the vein of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars: add this book to your holiday wishlist immediately.

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Tony Hill a psychologist who finds himself entangled in some seriously gruesome crimes and even more gruesome people behind them. There are six seasons and the first episode of season 1 perfectly sets the tone for just how unsavory these crimes are going to be. The fact that Dr. Branagh has a certain kind of water colored torture permanently imprinted on his face that makes him perfect for the recently divorced, very sad, yet emotionally disconnected detective he plays.

The crimes are typically Scandinavian meaning decidedly more creepy than your standard American fare and the villains a little more desperate than usual, but the cinematography is GORGEOUS, Branagh obviously a very intelligent actor and the sum of all parts makes for a good rainy afternoon with a hot toddy viewing.

Season 2 deals with the Brothers Kray, and season 3 is less focused on obvious sensationalist cold cases and therefore, to me, the most effective. A second season is rumored, with a brand new, as-yet-unknown case. It is breezy fare, and the mysteries are not anywhere as challenging as those solved by the Sherlocks of the world but it is done well and harkens back to a simpler time where murders were solved in libraries and green fields, instead of torture chambers and such. If you like the two leads and enjoy your mysteries grittier — we recommend checking out Norton in Happy Valley and Green in the new classic Wire in the Blood.

Bonus: Miss Fisher is played by Essie Davis who is uncannily reminiscent of a young Diana Rigg, a fact that should not be lost of at least some of the men reading this I hope. It sounds hokey, but it is truly dark, wonderfully acted, and heartbreaking from a certain feminist standpoint too. Final season is now finally available.

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Then, of course, there is Miss Marple. The likes of Colin Firth, and other British stage and screen mainstays pop-up, sealing in the prestige of the production. The show equivalent of your favorite low fuss dinner-always satisfying, never too demanding. Nothing supernatural happening here necessarily, but it is all the more deeply, profoundly disturbing for it.

Bonus: Agent Cooper is truly the only purely good leading man that is also not boring at all. Just think about it. And her friends are acting all weird.

Best of: Murder Mysteries to Binge Watch NOW – 12222 Edition

And people keep popping up dead in this tiny beach town in Normandy, decimating the already dwindling population. And he husband and daughter KNOW something is off. What follows is six episodes and possibly 6, twists and turns, all executed pretty stylishly, because well, this is France after all.

The TV adaptation ran for almost 20 years in Sweden, but the US viewership only got to enjoy it as of Not all seasons are available, but what is there is good.