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I still struggled to speak fluently in English, as I got next to nil practice, but I could understand and write perfectly. I could explain complex ideas in simple English. I scored almost full marks in the entrance test in English section, but the benefits were far-reaching and not just limited to getting through to a law school. I read up on the laws. I started reading contracts law and law of torts. I read the constitution and commentaries.

I read a lot of biographies. At that time it was about scoring well in GK and legal GK sections, but in reality, this helped to develop my nascent worldview.

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It was the beginning of an intellectual development. I used to write poetry, but that was the year perhaps in which I wrote the highest number of poems. I was anxious. I was worried and afraid. To manage the stress, I turned to meditation.

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That was the only year in my life when I consistently meditated every day. I wonder how much that helped in shaping my ability to stay calm under stress and danger. I also learned to not rely on social validation, learned to stand against the world in favour of my conviction. I joined law school on a much more sure footing.

I was ready to take the challenges head-on. The confidence that I can figure out and survive, only if I prepare hard, serve me well in life after that. How much of all that do you think I could do if I had also taken admission in a college, and attended classes, did homework, kept writing exams there and prepare for law entrance on the side?

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I had decided to become a lawyer, and I made productive use of that 1 year. I may have learned more useful things in that one year compared to the next 3 years combined. Do not be afraid to make your own way. The guy with the best preparation wins. Give yourself time, space and resources to prepare. If you could take a one year break right now in life and prepare, what would you do?

Can you take a 1-hour break every day and invest that time into your development? What could you do for 1 hour every day for the next 1 year that sets you apart in your career or serves you for a long time? Think about it. Take a pen and some paper and write it down.

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Develop a habit such as exercising or meditating for one hour every day. Start writing! In 1 hour, you can write at least words. In a year, that will add up to more than pages of content. It could be your first book. Have you considered what a great break it can be if you write a popular book in your niche? What if you write a book on your courtroom experiences? If you are a law student, how about writing a book on an emerging area of law?

When I was studying at NUJS, two sets of seniors published two different books, one on biotechnology law 5 years students , and another on SEZ laws 4th-year students. It not only made their CV bulletproof and eligible for amazing scholarships from foreign universities, they also bagged a handsome signing amount of a few lakhs from the publisher. Take up an area of law that has potential, and develop yourself in it.

You need to develop your knowledge about emerging technologies, regulations around the work, fintech, block-chain, GDPR — a bunch of things. Can you not spare an hour a day learning? Is it not important to write articles from time to time in an area in which you are trying to develop your expertise?

Studying from a course can help, as that will streamline the learning process. Or if you can, take a real break. Take a month off with the only goal of writing a book.

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Take up a 6 months challenge to transform your CV. Take a year off to explore a business you always wanted to start. We incorporate these approaches in our courses. Especially the new generation courses we have started. Our students get to do these things, with expert support and regular feedback from our side. Our courses are now more about doing and less about reading or watching videos passively. Those of you who already did our courses before, and loved it for the great content, will now have another much more powerful to love our courses.

That is: you will get things done when you sign up for course.

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You will write articles, publish in good platforms, find your clients, impress lawyers and industry stalwarts, increase your professional network, bag dream internships and jobs you want, make your dream CV, experiment with business ideas. All of these as a part of the 1 year courses your pursue. See these courses that you can finish by giving 1 hour a day every day for the next 50 weeks:. Join us, burn the bridges you use to retreat.

Commit, enroll, start the learning process. Give yourself the room and opportunity to grow. Sign in Join. Sign in.

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Create an account. If you want good work-life balance, are looking for something that shows your managerial chops, want excellent progression through the company, or possess any other priorities, you should make them clear, if only in your questions at the end of your initial interview or by generally mentioning what you're looking for. After all, job interviews are an assessment by both parties about fit. That way, if you're rejecting the offer because it doesn't meet one of these conditions or doesn't fit you in a way you've previously referenced as a concern, you can call back to that.