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Under this "heaviness" of the Spirit, I literally could no longer stand up, and started to tremble and shake and literally feel "drunk in the Spirit". Nothing was mimicked or made up--it seemed like a sovereign work of God to ravish us.

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Not long after, I along with many others in the churches experiencing this "Toronto blessing" began to get jerking muscles in the abdomen they called it "cruches" where the body and head would go down like a chicken walking, which they attributed to "birth pangs" in the Spirit. All I know is that it was real to me and I felt God's joy and power like never before. Unfortunately, all this didn't last. The movement became self conscious, with newcomers "fueling the fires" but the old timers, including myself, slipping into mimicry to try to reproduce in our bodies what had initially been a beautiful working of God.

I had moved across the street from the Pentecostal church, which was having renewal meetings 4 times a week, and played in several worship bands, but inside I slowly became dry as a bone and ultimately became sick of just trying to "put on a show" so that we could convince ourselves that we were still "in the Spirit".

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I felt increasingly drawn to silence, and would even leave church after I played my set with the band during the sermons because the words no longer seemed to mean much to me. It all seemed like a bunch of hype to me after 2 years of late nights, 4 nights a week, trying to "get in the Spirit". It was at this dark night point in my spirit that I stumbled upon a monk's hermitage in Big Sur I no longer felt anything from the long sermons, and even the music from the rock 'n' roll worship band that I was playing flute in often seemed like so much noise.

It was in the midst of this environment that I discovered the writings put out by the Seedsowers Publishing House, which has republished--for a Protestant, largely Baptist audience--the writings of "quietists" Madame Guyon, Fenelon, Michael Molinos, as well as the writings on oneness with Jesus and His Father by the radical "house church" advocate Gene Edwards. I shared this material with some friends from the church, and we decided to meet with some "Gene Edwards fans" at the Limekiln Campground in Big Sur.

One of our group happened to spy a cross on the side of the highway a couple of miles from the campground, and from it a road leading up to the New Camaldoli Hermitage, where we all fell in love with the peaceful joyful aura that hung around the place and the monks there. It all seemed so much deeper than the "three ring circus" that the church I was at had become!

There were a number of "coincidences" in my life at that point which seemed to point me in that direction, so I became a Camaldolese Oblate and started reading many books on the contemplative life, and especially Centering Prayer which greatly helped me to learn the skill to release my soul from all of the mental attachments both spiritual and worldly which had meant so much to me before. Over the next two years I became more regular in my practice of Centering Prayer, discovered the joys of lectio divina, and spent more time in nature trying to sort out my direction.

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At this point, friend came into my life a girl who I became increasingly fond of as a hiking and church companion, and before long we were married! It was not easy for someone who had rarely had girlfriends, was an only child, and had never been married for 36 years, but it was meant to be. The same week we were married December we bought a house fixer-upper , and so a whole new set of priorities entered my life. My wife and I love to go hiking and worship God in silence, but between the house, our full-time jobs, and her school it has been more difficult finding the discipline for regular prayer, but we both know we need it.

God needs to be our first priority, and we're trying to reserve some quiet time to be in the silence with God each day. Although we still feel our first commitment must be a devotion to Christ's spirit as manifest in our hearts and lives, we both don't really feel at home at any organized church these days. We really don't have any ties any more to a spiritual community, although we seem to have found many kindred spirits at a nearby Vedanta ashrama Ananda Ashrama in La Crescenta, CA as well as the Self Realization Fellowship who follow Paramahansa Yogananda as a guru but in their services devote time to quiet meditation, and place much devotional reverence on Christ.

So unfortunately I'm not really "grounded" in a fellowship group; however my wife and I do try to spend time each morning in quietness and a few spiritual readings. My wife is on an evening shift at a hectic medical center right now, so can't join me at the centering prayer groups, but I try to attend those weekly to encourage myself in regular practice of centering prayer. Probably because of the cares of the world in my life right now, I haven't given as much time to prayer as I know I should--but I'm finding encouragement from the groups I attend.

Over the past several years, I have rarely experienced the kundalini phenomenon, probably for the same reason. This book says on the liberation of spirit from matter, a salvation prefigured, after the mystery drama of the Crucifixion and Death of Christ, in His Resurrection. The verse reads: "The things that thou have heard from me 'teacher to pupil' among many witnesses, the same commit thou 'in a secret manner' to faithful men who shall be able to teach 'also in a secret teacher to pupil manner' others also.

The Lesser Mysteries meant the partial uncovering of the deep truths that must first be assimilated before entry into the Greater Mysteries.

A Metaphysical Odyssey

And Greater Mysteries can only be passed on "'from mouth to ear' as a pupil becomes qualified. According to Besant, the Christ is "more than the man Jesus. In the post-Blavatsky works of Theosophists, the "earlier trenchant anticlericalism" is visibly lacking, and the attitude to Christianity is almost entirely positive.

In particular, Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater demonstrated a new regard for "Catholic-type doctrine and worship, understood esoterically and theosophically. Wedgwood and C. Leadbeater who were "actively involved" in the work of the Theosophical Society Adyar. The doctrine of this Church offered an interpretation of Christianity in which "judgment and salvation after only one life," were substituted by liberation from the necessity for rebirth after many; and in which eschewal of the aftermath of sin "via the redemptive sacrifice of Christ," was substituted by the just and pedagogical receiving of results of whatever has been making in earlier incarnations under the "Law of Karma.

According to Ellwood, the Christian rite, "especially when well enacted and well supported by constructive thoughts on the part of all worshipers, creates thought-forms that are vessels and channels of the divine powers evoke by those exalted ideas. Stephan Hoeller , a Regionary Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica , noted that the including the nineteenth-century polemics materials in the modern Christianity-Theosophy dialogue "is not useful. As the participants in that workshop, members of the Society from various Christian backgrounds, worked through these issues, we identified our dilemma.

Each of us recognized that dogmas, if accepted at face value, will continue to be a chasm, but we also realized that there are principles that can bridge that chasm. If one accepts the imperative of love, the interpretations that would divide can be placed to the side, and an atmosphere of love and understanding created.

Professor Ellwood, a religious studies scholar and Liberal Catholic priest, proclaimed that Christianity could be rebuilt to be consonant "with the deepest insights of Theosophy, and moreover become for some people a vehicle for the transmission of those insights and the powers latent in them. The actual correspondence may not always be exact, since no human craft or art could completely reproduce the worlds of the inner planes; but the feeling of color, richness, and unity-in-diversity is there. In Eastern Orthodoxy, the often-concealed altar behind the iconostasis , a screen covered with icons and pictures of saints, is like the innermost eternal realm of pneuma , spirit, the atma , the God within.

This power seems to radiate through the saints with their luminous eyes as though they were beings in the heaven of the mental plane, or Devachan. As the service progresses with its mystical and unforgettable music, its richly-robed clergy moving with the slowness of ancient ritual, and its billowing clouds of incense, a dome of silvery-blue light that merges upward into gold is formed above the congregation, like the onion-shaped domes atop many Orthodox churches.

The structure is so exalted that it barely touches the earth, and not all present are able to perceive it directly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Coulomb Affair. Not to be confused with Theosophy Boehmian. Both she and Colonel Olcott claimed to have seen and to be in communication with Masters. In Western occultism the idea of 'Supermen' has been found in such schools as Blavatsky and other classic Theosophical writers vehemently attacked whole colleges of theologians. Yet they also affirmed that a core of truth lies in all religions.

Only "through the disregard" of these powers, he can gain the liberation.

Hodgson believed also that Blavatsky's function in India was "to foster as widely as possible among the natives a disaffection towards British rule. Boehme , in truth with a Christian theosophy and anthroposophy. And moreover, even more deeply ought we to be re-united with the traditions of the esoteric, hidden Christianity. The subtle energies "activated and directed by Christian worship" surely correlate with the thought-forms.

The biographer wrote, "It was a bad omen. Leadbeater Arthur E. Yeats More Namespaces Article Talk. This item is printed on demand. Seller Inventory Seller Inventory LIE Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Seller Inventory IQ Book Description iUniverse. Seller Inventory ING Lewis Keizer. Publisher: iUniverse , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. About the Author : Dr. Buy New View Book.

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