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Annie Oakley's Grave

Some were sent to neighbors' farms; Annie was sent to work at the county poor house. Soon afterward, a family hired her as live-in help in exchange for wages as well as room and board. But the family, who Annie later described as "wolves," treated Annie as a slave. They refused to pay her wages and beat her, leaving scars on her back for life.

After nearly two years, Annie was able to escape to the nearest train station. A generous stranger paid her train fare home.

Biography: Annie Oakley

Annie was reunited with her mother, but only briefly. Because of her dire financial situation, Susan Moses was forced to send Annie back to the county poor house. Annie worked at the county poor house for three more years; she then returned to her mother's home at the age of Annie could now resume her favorite pastime—hunting. Some of the game she shot was used to feed her family, but the surplus was sold to general stores and restaurants. With money coming in regularly, Annie helped her mother pay off the mortgage on their house.

For the rest of her life, Annie Oakley made her living with a gun. By the s, target shooting had become a popular sport in the United States. Spectators attended competitions in which shooters fired at live birds, glass balls, or clay disks. Trick shooting, also popular, was usually performed in theaters and involved the risky practice of shooting items out of a colleague's hand or off the top of their head. In rural areas such as where Annie lived, game-shooting competitions were a common form of entertainment. Annie participated in some local turkey shoots but was eventually banned because she always won.

Annie entered a pigeon-shooting match in against a single opponent, unaware that soon her life would change forever. Annie's opponent in the match was Frank Butler, a sharp-shooter in the circus. Frank had been told only that he would be up against a local crack shot. Assuming that his competitor would be a farm boy, Frank was shocked to see the petite, attractive year old Annie Moses. He was even more surprised that she beat him in the match. Frank, ten years older than Annie, was captivated by the quiet young woman. He returned to his tour and the two corresponded by mail for several months.

They were married sometime in , but the exact date has never been verified. Once married, Annie traveled with Frank on tour. One evening, Frank's partner became ill and Annie took over for him at an indoor theater shoot. The audience loved watching the five-foot-tall woman who easily and expertly handled a heavy rifle. Annie and Frank became partners on the touring circuit, billed as "Butler and Oakley.

Following a performance in St. Although officially a prisoner of the U. Once reviled as a savage, he had become the object of fascination. Sitting Bull was impressed by Annie's shooting skills, which included shooting the cork off a bottle and hitting the cigar her husband held in his mouth. When the chief met Annie, he reportedly asked if he could adopt her as his daughter. The "adoption" was not official, but the two became lifelong friends. An unusually rainy winter forced the circus to close down until summer, leaving Annie and Frank in need of jobs. They approached Buffalo Bill Cody, whose Wild West Show a combination of rodeo acts and western skits was also in town.

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Brief Biography of Sharpshooter Annie Oakley

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