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Through high school, she composed, sang contemporary folk and played her guitar, influenced by Joni Mitchell and others. Over the years, she was the singer for a rock band; she was in a female acapella group with which she recorded 2 CDs and toured for the Nebraska Arts Council singing Andrews Sisters songs and musically comedic routines.

So, how did she segue into jazz? Back in Nebraska, she was approached by the leader of Jazz Factory, a local band consisting of some of the most accomplished jazz musicians in the state. They were looking for a singer to front the band. At first she demurred, as she did not consider herself a jazz singer. But they brought her on board and she was with them many years, recording 2 CDs and appearing at two particularly large concerts an audience of 5, at one, and 3, at the other.

She learned so much from these folks, and it was a turning point for her. With that background, I was scratching my head to learn she sings with the Park Hill Brass group. Trying to get presents. Or trying to get everybody feeling bad about not knowing who Terri Ross is? Columbus Day. This is going to spread, I told my wife. I dialed the number, and after five minutes of listening to Johnny Cash , got through. Your email address will not be published. Happy Birthday Terri Ross!

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