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Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern

Very interesting book. Heroine lives her life to fill the void. She is not a slut, far from it. She has lovers to forget loneliness and maybe to prove to herself and the world that she is not a nobody. After all there are women living like this until they find true love. The love between H and h is awesome, flowing calmly throughout the years. Are there books like this?

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To view it, click here. From the pretending to be gay male BFF business partner of the wedding planner h, to the inverse social snobbery, to the Alpha h's sudden complete r Re The Wedding Night Affair - Miranda Lee kicks off the long running, multi year and multi book Society Wedding series.

From the pretending to be gay male BFF business partner of the wedding planner h, to the inverse social snobbery, to the Alpha h's sudden complete reversal into insecure pathetic doormat and the ENDLESS tart shaming while the H salivates over the h when he is supposed to be marrying a 'most suitable girl' whose father is his social equal and is also filthy rich. The H's fiancee is described as a 'sweet girl who only wants what the H wants' and is utterly entranced about being the mother of his children.

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But that is enough of the ranty moment, having fortified myself with a suitable Captain Consult or three, I am ready to tell you about this book. The h is 29 and ten years prior to the start of the story, she and the H met outside a chip shop, fell in love and got preggers. The problem was the h was blue collar working class and the H was high society.

The H married her right away, but his parents did NOT approve. The h suffered a miscarriage on her wedding day and while the H was getting her a prescription, his total snob mother and his impossibly demanding father convinced the h that if she really loved the H, she would take her white trash self off and let the H find a nice girl he could really love and have a high class life with. The h, in trauma and grief, knew full well that her marriage was doomed with such disdainful inlaws and promptly took herself away and the H's father had the marriage annulled.

On the rebound, the h married a truck driver. When that went south, because the h had the good sense to not bring children into such a volatile mix, the h got divorced, got an education and with her pretending to be gay male friend, built herself the number one wedding planning business in Sydney. The meddling partner, who is a liar and a hypocrite, accepts the job of planning the H's wedding to a 'suitable girl' from the H's mother without consulting the h.

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The same woman who once told the h she was lower than pond scum and dressed like a worn out tart is now begging the h to come to the family estate and give her son and soon to be daughter in law the High Society Wedding of the Year. Which the h is eminently qualified to do, the h is in all the high fashion and bridal mags and her business is booming. The h goes, the mother doesn't recognize her and in fact mentions the H's first marriage and how horrible the mother now feels because she was so mean to that poor girl. The H's father is dead and the H took years and years of lady buffet sampling to find a socially suitable bride.

But the H's mother wants grandchildren and is delighted that such a virtuous sweet young society miss is joining the family. The h has the fleeting satisfaction of seeing a woman who totally despised her do a complete towards her, but the h feels a bit sorry for the woman too. The H is another story entirely, he recognizes the h immediately and he is livid. There is massive tart shaming mixed with salivating a few treacherous body syndrome inspired roofie kisses amidst the endless black and white wedding planning details.

The fake gay meddling hypocrite jumps in at points. He goes out of his way to tell the H what a hard hearted tart the h has become, in an effort to keep the H and h distanced from each other so that the h's business gets the full advertising effect of doing the 'Wedding of the Year. The h is at first not too keen on that characterization, she is lonely, she likes sex and the H hasn't been living in a monastery either. Then the big day arrives and the h has some mopey moments as the H marries his suitable Society Bride-who seems to be more interested in having a baby-than actually making a life with the H.

The bride also seems to be deeply invested in her female BFF and seems to like to taunt and tease her a lot as well. We learn the reason for all that bride to BFF taunting smolder, when the H's mother walks into help the bride change and finds her in her underwear making out with the female BFF.

The h forces the mother to tell the H what she saw and the H makes the h go with him to confront his bride of two hours.

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The bride admits that she is gay and only married the H because her father is a bigot and would disinherit her if she had a child without marriage and if her partner was a lesbian. The H kicks the two lovers out, forces the h to pretend to be his bride as they sneak off themselves and then drags the h to a hotel for the standard HP torrid ML lurve club session. The h, who by now has gone from confident Alpha, in charge of her sexuality and needs, to a pathetic, calcium deprived puddle of goo, gets all neurotic about liking being a submissive tart to the H in the bedroom, but treacherous body syndrome wins in the end anyways.

Then we have the big H denouement of how the h's partner explained that she is just a bed hoping tart and so the H declares that now she can be his when ever he demands her attentions. The h goes and whines to the partner instead of dumping his hiney and then the partner tells the h she has to go humble herself and declare her love for the H. The tart shaming continues when the H finds the h with his mother.

The h finally reveals who she is and the mother explains to the H what she and his father did to drive the h away. The H is now ready to propose again and declare his true love. The h decides that they will have a couple of kids before they get married and the H's mother is delighted to announce that really marriage is just a piece of paper if two people are really committed to each other. The epilogue is the H and h finally getting married five years or so later, they seem to be happy and the H's mother is ecstatic that she gets to mind her grandkids, cause the h hasn't given up her career for the very unusual non HP HEA.

This one is just plain tacky, but that isn't why I don't like the book. When ML first started in HPlandia, she gave a lot of credence to heroines owning their own physical needs and did a lot to oust the HP standard that said that h's should only give into desire after they were married and even then the first few passion moments should be forced seduction or rape.

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I have never really seen anything wrong with a heroine who sleeps with other guys and enjoys it, tho I don't usually mind the HP conventions that say unicorn grooming is the single shinning virtue of an HP h either. It is a quirk of the line and I tolerate it and even make a lot of snarky comments about it.

But I do hate hypocrisy from an HP author and this book is a shinning example. ML has never demonized homosexuality or non mainstream lifestyles as much as other HP writers. But this whole story comes off as some one who really doesn't approve of anything that deviates from the conventional norms, except for multi position kinky sex, but was told by an editor to throw some political correctness into her plot line and this is how she chose to do it.

ML gives us a fake gay secondary character and turns the truly gay secondary characters into baby stealing, greedy tarts. She makes her heroine the tart shamed OW and then fails to call the H, who is actually the one cheating, to any sort of account or have HIM apologize for his own double standards in behavior.

AND she doesn't even give us a truly HP angst fest dramatic train wreck while she does it. I was disappointed with ML after reading this book, she can and has done a lot better. I don't always like what she writes, but I can usually respect it. With this HP outing, ML just ruined her credibility with me and I have never felt the same way about her since. Which isn't a great thing for such a heavily featured HP author, but that really is the wonderful thing about HPlandia. You can throw the book back on the shelf and forget it, there is always another trope bending and boundary expanding writer coming along, you just have to wait for next month's releases to have yourself a much better HP outing.

View all 11 comments. Shelves: category-contemporary-romance , adultery , harlequin-presents , borrowed-not-owned , what-just-happened-here. This one was way over the top for me. Too much in one book. Let's list off the eye-raising events: 1 Hero is marrying a lesbian in the closet but is doing a very poor job of hiding her sexual orientation who is clearly having an affair with her physical therapist, but he is clueless about it.

A Physical Affair

Maybe I'm too conservative for a storyline like this. I'm not here to judge anyone's lifestyles, but this is not really what I'm looking for in a category romance. I could have handled one or two of these aspects in the plot, but not all of them on top of each other. Miranda Lee loves to push the envelope in the Harlequin Presentsland. I think she pushed it a little too much in this one for me.

The Wedding-Night Affair by Miranda Lee

View all 4 comments. In my quest for a trainwreck, I got mostly boring old train and very little wreck in this one. I couldn't relate to either character, for one thing. The working class heroine was married to the high society hero when she was 19 and pregnant. On their wedding day, she lost the baby and the hero's father convinced her to divorce him sooner rather than later when he would come to hate her because he didn't really love her. She believed this and moved on, marrying a truck driver who fit w In my quest for a trainwreck, I got mostly boring old train and very little wreck in this one.