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One being an explosion of scientific insights, observations, discoveries, etc. This is happening now at an exponential rate. Another being the most efficient information and connecting medium humans have ever known, the internet this being the most powerful of many new technological abilities. Very much like one of the greatest growth spurts in our history. With the introduction of roads connecting every part of the known world, a commonly spoken language Koine Greek , a new ability of thought philosophy and the introduction of cause and effect , humanity rapidly advanced.

Since then we have had to redefine or enhance our understanding of reality frequently, ie once our world was flat, the sun use to revolve around the Earth, etc… Second, to assume we are now so aware of all the intricacies that govern our universe and how we interact with it is foolish and only places false limits on us.

Modern sciences are revealing new understandings which like it or not once again challenge the very definition of our reality. Keep in mind Galileo was prosecuted and nearly put to death for challenging our former concept of reality. Furthermore, the size of our universe is yet beyond our ability to quantify, on top of this modern sciences tell us that the tangible and visible element of the entire universe is only the tip of the iceburg.

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With all of this being said let us stop oversimplifying and placing assumptive definitions on such a complex suggestion as the law of attraction. Since when must we understand somthing for it to be real or not? For less than two hundred years we have understood electricity but ever since the origin of life it has been used in every cell to live.

Consider in the short time we have become aware of its funtion how powerfully electricity has changed our existence. There have been some very flawed arguments put forward in trying to negate the LOA. It is impossible for a shady person, an inacurate documentary, or obvious promotion for greed, to have any affect on whether or not the LOA is real. The whole magnet deal is a very poor argument.

Magnets actually are a very powerful example of how two like objects attract one another. Set two strong magnets on a surface one inch apart and see what happens. Just because one tries to engage the LOA and it seems to fail does not disprove it. Other variables must also be considered for why it did not work. What is so hard to concieve about the idea that there may be a complex set of rules for how it does work and that it must also work with other existing laws too?

Consider that we know gravity and accept this in our understanding reality. Now when we send a shuttle to space you could ignorantly say that gravity must not exist because that shuttle was not bound to Earth by it.

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Is not every single one of these a focused energy? Did not all of it start from nothing more than a thought? In fact I have a really hard time understanding how anyone can call it bullshit when we use this method already in the tangible forms we have to bring thought into reality. An artist concieves of an image and then paints it into reality using the tools and ability he knows.

It seems to me at least to some degree the LOA is self evident and undeniable. It is simply explaining ways we already know and trust to bring potential reality into kinetic reality.

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And yes there is the part of LOA that suggests there are other methods beyond what we currently use or understand for thoughts to become reality. Hmmm… In fact several well documented, and repeated experiments proven that prayer is producing degrees of the desired effect. What about the Placebo pill? Also documented fact. The belief of the patient is actually affecting physical existence of his cells.

I think we too often get locked into our current view of reality. For example we consider matter to be a fixed reality and even the basis of reality, but modern science now tells us that this is not so. Everything solid is truly a manisfestation of energy. The truth that modern science is offering us now does fly in the face of our traditional beliefs. Everything is energy. Everything does have a frequency. These are facts.

Quantom Physics. Newtonian physics no longer function properly once we observe the quantom level because Newtonian physics are based on mass. Energy is what we have found to be the building blocks of mass. Electrons do not orbit the nucleus as we once thought but rather teleport around the nucleus. Now we have even been able to teleport molecules. The Divine Matrix is an energy field discovered by Max Plank. This energy is observed to be a part of everything and that everything is connected to everything by this energy field.

The implication that everything actually is connected certainly does offer more feasibility for how the law of attraction might be working at the quantom level.

The 12 Universal Laws

I do not like the mystical concept of it either. But many other concepts The Secret conveys are valuable. I am a salesman. I track my numbers everyday so I can put them into a spreadsheet which returns statistical data about my work. At times when my personal energy-focus is peaked the positive probabilities of circumstances I have no control over actually increase.

All I know is there is definately somthing there. This was a great read, and really invigorated me to think about the law of attraction and its validity. After contemplating what Jonathon has said as well as some of the other people on this blog, I have concluded that at this time, it is very difficult to prove if the law of attraction exists or not using current scientific methods. From my experience, I believe it does exist, but maybe not in the form the Secret attests to, but in a form similar to what Jonathon has mentioned above.

I do think it is highly probable it exists considering the well documented studies on the effects of prayer and meditation as well as the research of PEAR Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research , which basically shows that our intentions can impact outcomes in random events. Considering meditation, prayer and the law of attraction are generally intention based; I expect there is some sort of facility which science has yet to explain which will likely be able to explain the law of attraction. Just because the laws of physics or science cannot explain something, does not mean it does not exist.

Please God. Help this guy.

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Just who do you think you are? Seriously excellent. I wrote about the LoA being an absolute crock and a tautology, but you said it much, much better. The Law of Attraction LoA is bullshit when it: screws people over not only by dishonest marketing pseudoscience , but also by disconnecting them from their subconscious and negative emotions, and fostering self-blame. However, LoA as an idea that needs to be explored and refined through scientific inquiry — I am more in favor of than the dogma of materialism.

The 12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe And What They Mean

Scientific theories are frameworks for synthesizing, analyzing, and generating new facts. A theory cannot be proven — only improved and built upon. So Jonathan, I like how you strip down the main message of LoA and show all its positivity and potential for change. I enjoyed reading this, Jonathan. Both exist in nature.

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If you would like to back up you argument here more solidly you should check out the work of Richard Wiseman:. Harkening back to days of Jesus and far before great sages have pointed out that which we can sort of innately feel to be true, that what we think about expands.

I think few people would argue with that. And that really works for me, for whatever reason…. What is the sub-conscious mind and what is the conscious mind?

The 12 Universal Laws 🌸 Change your Life Forever

What roles do they play in our lives? Is there a force in the universe that creates? What is that force and where does it reside? What does thinking have to do with creating? What did Christian D. This is true Progress. Is the LOA a lie? Many authors have written on the subject of this force that is in us and that we live in. I believe that force is real and does work within each of us to the degree that we believe it works.

Actually, it seems like a perfect system to me.

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Everyone is getting exactly what they are expecting on a subconscious level which is influenced by what we think and act upon on a conscious level. I wish everyone the best with whatever beliefs they believe to be true, because you are proof the LOA is working as it was designed to work. Ridiculous of course. We live in a world of free will.