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I went to play in Paris Saint Germain in France at the age of 21 where I stayed for 2 years and a half. Every young boy in Brazil who wants to play football uses 5 a side to obtain better technique and to develop all the qualities they need to become footballers so 5 a side football is widely used in Brazil to graduate athletes So all the work on my technique, ball control, strike finishing and fitness are very useful to me and I still use them all to help me to improve even more So what I think I do well are dribbles and creating the play and what I like to do most is creating the play and assisting passes on goal Just looking at a ball is enough to motivate me and ever since I was very little I always had a ball near me.

My family was always involved in football and my father and brother used to play So, I was born in a football midst and what motivates me is seeing a football So I always saw my brother as my guide, my reference about what I wanted to be There were also other players I admired but my brother has always been my biggest idol They were excellent players and very nice to me So these were the players I always used to watch and admired a lot I was always encouraged towards football. The dream of almost every young lad in Brazil is to become a footballer So I always had a ball with me and was encouraged by everybody.

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I was always very dedicated and the support from everyone made me work harder and want it even more Sempre me motivaram, sempre no caminho do futebol. I started playing 5 a side and football on a pitch at the same time so — the reporter asks if he lost account — The most memorable goals in my career were the goal I scored in my debut with the Brazilian team against Venezuela and the goal against England in the World Cup which is the one everybody comes and say to me, wow, what a goal!

So, to me this is the most memorable goal I like this type of leather and what mainly caught my attention was that Nike used this leather that is better for me and gives more comfort to my feet This is very good for me and I like this ball very much I believe this ball is very good for someone like me who likes to take free-kicks and I like it very much because the ball takes a lot of effect and speed It used to be at the centre and now it was changed back again to the left side pointing to his heart.

Os 10 Melhores CAMISAS 10 da História • Brasileiros

I think training helps you to develop the way to take free-kicks and perfect it which enables you to always maintain a good record Although here at Barcelona is completely different it is also very nice to work because the manager is very relaxed and hardly says anything so they have two completely different ways of working that bring results Nike believed in me and in my potential when I was starting at 16 going on 17 so Nike is already part of my life.

Hoje sei que isso tem nome Quando me amei de verdade, parei de desejar que a minha vida fosse diferente e comecei a ver que tudo o que acontece contribui para o meu crescimento. Hoje chamo isso de Hoje sei que se chama Hoje descobri a Quando me amei de verdade, desisti de ficar revivendo o passado e de me preocupar muito com o futuro. Hoje vivo um dia de cada vez.

Seleção Brasileira de Futebol de Areia

Quando me amei de verdade, percebi que a minha mente pode me atormentar e me decepcionar. Today I know this has a name When I truly loved myself I noticed that my own anxiety and emotional turmoil are nothing more than a sign that I am going against my own beliefs. Today I know this is When I truly loved myself I stopped wishing my life was different and started to see that everything that happens contributes to my growing up.

Today I call this……maturity. When I truly loved myself I started noticing how offensive it is to try forcing a situation or someone just to achieve what I want even when I know it is not the moment or the person is not ready for it, including myself.

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Today I know this is called……respect. When I truly loved myself I began to get rid of everything unhealthy……people, tasks, beliefs and all the things that let me down. Initially, my reasoning called this attitude as selfishness.

Top 5 camisas marcantes nas Copas do Mundo » Mantos do Futebol

Today I know it is called……self-respect. When I truly loved myself I stopped being afraid of my free time and gave up on great plans and megalomaniacs projects for the future. Today I do what I think is right, what I like, when I want and in my own pace. Today I know what this is……simplicity.

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When I truly loved myself I quit my desire of always being right and because of it I made fewer mistakes. Today I found out….. When I truly loved myself I gave up on reliving the past and worrying too much about the future. Retrieved 23 October — via Google Books. Retrieved 21 August — via Google Books. Imortais do Futebol in Portuguese. Retrieved 4 October Jornal do Brasil in Portuguese. Retrieved 21 August — via Google News.

Acervo O Globo in Portuguese. Retrieved 25 August El Tiempo in Spanish. Retrieved 29 September — via Google News. Retrieved 7 November — via Google Books. Retrieved 1 October Atletico Mineiro steal second position despite Ronaldinho penalty miss". Mineiro defy the odds". Cruzeiro 0 Atletico Mineiro 1". Terra Esportes in Portuguese. Camisa Doze in Portuguese. Estado de Minas in Portuguese.

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Retrieved 21 August — via Yahoo! Retrieved 20 September Terceiro Tempo in Portuguese. Retrieved 10 September Como mensurar economicamente o relacionamento entre essas empresas e os clubes de futebol? O torcedor como cliente: Journal of Sports Economics , v. Evaluating rent dissipation in the spanish football industry. Brazilian football league technical efficiency: Journal of Sports Economics , vol. Applied Economics , vol. Analyzing the Performance of the English F.

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Technical efficiency in the English Football Association Premier League with a stochastic cost frontier. Applied Economics Letters , v.